First dates could be tricky or magical, depending on what side of the radar they touch when they end. While it involves humongous planning and mental preparation to see what is there in store for you, there are some topics which should not be touched at all. Here are 12 annoying questions that can totally sabotage your first date (read: ruin) and put you in the ‘creep’ zone.

1. “So why did you break up with him?”

This is your first date and you want to ask them something you know nothing about? Why would you dig old graves in the first place?!

2. “How many people have you slept with?”

Okay, so this might be your natural curiosity tugging you to know about their sexual history but first dates need to be spared of that horror. Are you on a date with a potential partner or a hooker?

3. “Do you still use Tinder?”

Well, you are not here to marry them, and this is none of your goddamn business!

4. “Are you gonna eat that”?

So you see the pretty girl just twirling her fork in her food and not eating, that is not a cue for you to eat off their plate. Resist this, please.

5. “Does size really matter?”

Yes dude, the size of your brain does. Rest can be taken care of, so kindly don’t ask this redundant question.

6. “When did you lose your virginity?”

They didn’t lose it with you and that’s all you need to know, maybe?

7. “Wow! How did you get a job in THAT company?”

What do you even expect the answer to be?  “Sheer luck” Or “I was a part of a major casting couch scout and that’s how I am here!” Rude.

8. “How much do you make?”

“Enough to pay the bill for this date.”  Finance and career talk is not a great conversation pusher for a first date, so stay away from it.

9. “Let’s order shots?”

It’s one thing to have a drink or two on a first date, but doing shots and getting batshit drunk is not a great key to success for future dates( if any).

10. “How are you still single?”

Ermm…awkward, and rude.

11. “Do you like kids?”

Do you want to learn more about them or simply if they have plans to reproduce and have future beings with their DNA floating inside them?

12. “What is your most traumatizing memory”?

While this question is slightly uncommon, nevertheless it does pop up on some first dates and it not a pleasant thing at all. No one wants to open up about their past on a first date when you don’t even technically know the person at all.

Image: readunwritten

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