Physical Details

For those of you who haven’t come across one of these before, a cock ring is a flexible ring placed around the base of the penis (or wrapped around the base of the penis and scrotum). It’s meant to keep blood flowing out of the penis, thereby encouraging a stronger erection and prolonging orgasm.

This toy grabbed my eye by its simple design. It offers no frills. It’s simply a dark grey ring with a bullet vibrator. I also like that it is both silicone and waterproof. I tried submerging it in water several times to test this out and it still works.

Girth wise, this should fit most men. Unlike some cock rings whose rings barely stretch, this ring can adapt to a wide range of girth: from a diameter of 1.35 inches to 3 inches. My partner is approximately 5″ in circumference and it slipped on easily. The quality of the ring is sound. I tried stretching the ring out as far as I could and it still retains its shape. For cis men who have a large girth, this should mean that the ring stays tight even after repeated use.

One downside to the bullet attachment is that it takes LR41 micro cell batteries. I found that the batteries were depleted after only a few uses, so be prepared to go through a lot of batteries if you intend to use this as your staple cock ring. Fortunately, it comes with an extra 4 batteries so I was able to switch them without any hassle. I’m always losing those tiny watch batteries, but this ring comes with a small satin storage back, where I can stash both the ring and its extra batteries.

There is only one vibration intensity mode. When holding the bullet itself in my hand, the vibrations seem okay. Not strong, but okay. However, when the bullet is in its sleeve, I find that the silicone casing muffles a lot of the vibration. On a scale on 1-10 for vibration intensity, I’d rate this around a 3.  On the plus side, this cock ring is very quiet. I can hear its high buzzing when it’s close to my face, but at arm’s length it’s completely unnoticeable.

My Experience

The product description promised me vibrations that would travel all the way through my partner’s shaft. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The base of my partner’s shaft buzzed gently, and these vibrations carried to about half way up his shaft. This will vary with penis length.

As a cock ring, this toy functions as intended. My partner’s penis stayed firm and his orgasm was delayed.

Fifty Shades of Grey Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring

The vibrating bullet, meant for clitoral stimulation, tapped against my clitoris during missionary position. Unfortunately, I found the vibrations too weak to take me to orgasm. They definitely added something new to the scene, but they weren’t amazing. I tried changing the bullet with stronger bullet, but I found that the silicone doesn’t stretch to accommodate a larger bullet as the ring part does.


As a cock ring, it works. For clitoris owners that are in the mood to add subtle vibrations to sex, this should do the trick. If you have a very sensitive clitoris, this may even take you to orgasm. However, if you’re a clitoris-owner who requires moderate to moderately-strong vibrations, you may be disappointed.

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