Once you are in a committed relationship, the idea of having to spend the rest of your life with the same partner may seem overwhelming to many. Once you are in a committed relationship, generally, the idea of one-night stands or casual hookups bring very little or no excitement to you. Instead, making intense love to the one who’ll bear your child or the one that’ll pay the mortgage of your house sends some chills down your spine. But there is also the fear of monogamy in such relationships. So if you want to keep your between the sheets act thrilling and erotic, here is a list of must-haves that will help you to kink up your together time.

Cock Ring:

Cock rings are classic sex toys and are adored by many couples as cock rings help in maintaining erections for longer durations without having to pop any chemical pills. Then there are vibrating rings that can do the double duty of making him last longer and simultaneously stimulating her clitoris, increasing the chance of mutual climax. They are known to give best results with the woman on top positions but couples are always in for exploration. Get it here

Remote Controlled Vibrators/Masturbators:

The idea of being touched by your partner from anywhere in the world is not just a fantasy anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending the night in the same bed or 3000 miles apart. You can still let your partner arouse you the right way by giving the control to your vibrator/masturbator. These are the best toys available for couples who are constantly on the go and also for those who are just seeking some thrill in their lives.

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While you may not still be bought in the idea of experimenting BDSM or any other sort of restrictions but like most couples, on certain nights, you like to give charge to your partners. For those times, you can aid your partner with a whip and let him do some spanking else you can try blindfold and give him/her some additional control of your sensual being. Once you find yourself comfortable you can slowly move up by picking up a BDSM beginner’s kit.

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Slippery stuff:

Oils have had a long history in our bedroom, they’ve been used for sensual massages, as a lubricant and more. But oils are known to work against condoms as they break down the latex making the use of condom purposeless. Oils, today, are great for stimulation and massages. While one should use make use of water-based lubricants for some smooth AF penetrations.

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Erotic Games:

You are done trying possibly all positions that you are comfortable with? Performed couple of fantasies too? If you have run out of what you can possibly do under the sheets. You can look for hot erotic game kits. They are bound to bring back the erotic thrill with a dash of surprise. These fun board games will give you fresh fantasies to explore and re-ignite the love in you. Link:

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Pooja Pari

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February 26, 2017

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