You’ve just finished dinner, at a nice restaurant of probably her choice, waiting for the cheque to arrive. It’s been a lovely evening to finally meet and talk and find out more after days of chatting through phone screens. Now, there is an undertone of silence but the conversation is still going on. Both of you are acknowledging that the date has come to an end but the one question ringing in your heads is, “Will we kiss tonight?”

The first kiss has been so romanticized by Bollywood, Hollywood, novels, songs, everywhere that there is almost this unbearable pressure off when exactly is the right time to ask or go in for that kiss?

It’s been fed into our society that the girl will always wait for the guy to make a move, but times are changing and maybe she will go for it but what if she doesn’t? Would you want to let go of this opportunity to seal this perfect evening?

It would definitely be a good idea to be sure that the date has gone as well for her as it did for you, but you don’t want to come off desperate either. Usually, if you have read the signs right, she’s probably been giving them to you all night, then you would know without asking.

Consent is always important but if you two have spoken about it or it’s been made obvious then just work with the moment. There is often a moment at which it feels would be the perfect moment for that perfect kiss both of you have been dying for.

If you’re dropping her home in your car hug her goodbye and a light peck on the lips would be ideal to see if she wants to take it further. Be careful that no one can see you, given our country and it’s her neighborhood.

If your paths separate the moment you step out of the restaurant or bar, there’s probably some crowd around. Walk her to a cab/ auto and find a cute moment while bidding adieu and leave her wanting more.

If you two have already planned on spending the night together, wait till you get home. It’s sweet and considerate even though it’s just about tonight.

No matter how much the world changes, we all have a tiny romantic inside us that just wants the clichés sometimes. I’m still waiting for my foot pop moment kiss. So what if the first kiss of your life wasn’t the magical moment it was supposed to be, you’ll always have a second chance at a first kiss with someone new! Keep it simple, keep it real and read the signs.

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