“Ninety-eight percent of people masturbate—and the other 2 percent are lying.”

Someone really smart on the internet said this since no one knows the real source of this saying. I’m pretty sure all of you know what masturbation is and all of us do it at some point or another. Now given the general stigma towards sex and pleasure in our society, there have been many tales of horror passed down generations to keep the youth from masturbating (Like that’s going to stop anyone, LOL).

Sex is viewed as an activity purely for reproduction but it’s so much more than that! Likewise, masturbation is an important part of an individual’s life to explore self-pleasure. Unlike popular belief, it actually has a host of health benefits too!

Myth: Masturbation Ruins The Real Experience Of Sex

If someone said that to me in a conversation, I would laugh in their face, because yes, that’s ridiculous. Masturbating does not ruin any experience of sex you will have in the future. In fact, it can help you understand what you like, how you like to be touched and what eventually gets you off, but again, it’s nothing like actual sex.

Myth: Masturbation Causes Health Problems

Unlike this belief, masturbating can actually help your health. It reduces stress, relieves sexual tension, helps you sleep better, and is also known to improve metabolism. Apart from this, it does not cause acne or hairy palms which a lot of people believe. Regular masturbation also increases the mobility of the sperm and increased fertility.

Myth: Women Who Masturbate Don’t Achieve Orgasms With Partners

Let’s be honest, an orgasm is an orgasm, a wonderful feeling but whether it is achieved through self-loving or with your partner, it’ll still be good if the right efforts are put in. In fact, a woman who masturbates regularly is more likely to be confident in bed and knows what she wants.

Myth: Masturbation Can Dry You Up Sexually

No. Masturbation does not dry you up sexually or use up your sexual drive in any way. It, however, does tend to tire you enough to get a good night’s sleep. It helps you relieve yourself and doesn’t turn you into a sexually depraved individual which can be a terrible feeling. It can also help you keep your imagination and fantasies alive.

Myth: Married Couples Don’t Masturbate

Have you heard a saying, “No one does me, better than me”? Married or not, that can still be true. There could be many reasons for individuals to masturbate even after marriage such as distance, partner’s low sexual drive, to relieve stress, or if they’re unable to achieve peak orgasms with the partner. Some couples are into voyeurism, which is an act of watching your partner masturbate and it’s a popular way of adding a little kink in the sheets.

Myth: Masturbation Will Damage The Genitals

Regular masturbation which involves guys giving themselves handjobs and girls rubbing their clitoris will not cause any damage to the genitals. However, if you’re experimenting solo, be careful with the kind of objects or toys you may choose to use to better your experience.

We hope we’ve broken some rumors about this self-pleasuring practice that has been around for years. We would also like to highlight that there is something known as obsessive masturbation which can affect your school, college, work life and sometimes your personal life too. You must know where to draw the line. It is about controlling your desires and letting them go in a more effective and decent manner.

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February 26, 2017

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