Just like a relationship is not just about holding hands and saying sweet nothings to each other, sex is not just about intercourse. Sex is a process, an activity, an act of intimacy and passion that can lead to earth shattering orgasms that could be as good as ecstasy. However, to actually achieve that, foreplay is a necessity for both men and women to be satisfied from the act of sex. Kissing, petting, dry humping, fingering, oral sex, handjobs are different things you could include in your foreplay.

Foreplay not only helps build the mood and play majorly on the passion, it is required for the woman to naturally lubricate which makes her ready for intercourse. If you were to jump to the sex directly without any lead up to it, she may experience vaginal dryness and discomfort causing pain or soreness from penetrative sex.

Foreplay helps getting the mind and body ready to the final step of intercourse. Spend enough time exploring each other’s’ bodies instead of dismissing it and hurrying to your final destination. A lot of women need stimulation in the form of foreplay, which is also known as outercourse, to achieve an orgasm. Vaginal orgasms are rare and when enough attention hasn’t been paid to the other erogenous zones, it will leave her dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

Needless to say, it should continue while you’re having intercourse. The conversation, the appreciating, the intimacy should stay as it will only make the experience that much better.

While it’s a good idea to pay attention to the obvious areas like lips and genitals, you must be fair to the other body parts. You never know touching what might turn on your partner instantly like neck, earlobes, nipples, back, or almost anything else! The more every part feels heightened with sensitivity, the better will be the following orgasm. Remember, foreplays are a great way to spend time on each other and find new things, intercourse is not the finish prize, outercourse can help create utmost desperation for each other which can lead to one of the best nights of your life!

Ladies, here are five quick tips to make him go crazy:

Work the visuals – sexy lingerie, a strip dance, or just be naked waiting for him before he’s out of the shower!

Let the lips travel – Slowly move your lips around his chest, stomach, neck and exhale heavily, that rush of hot air is going to make him fly higher.

Take charge – Seduce your man, show him how much you want him, bring your animal instinct to bed, and let him know how much you want to please him.

Scratch to please – Use your hands, touch him all over, lightly scratch his back to make him feel wanted.

Edge to heaven – Work him to the point where he’s close to an orgasm, then stop. Do this a few times till he can’t take it anymore, he’s going to return the favor for sure.


Men, we’ve got some tips for you too:

Keep kissing – Kissing for women is a very important first step to intimacy and let her lead the way, don’t rush for too much tongue.

Spank me daddy – Lightly spank her buttocks during foreplay, it’ll definitely get her going harder on you!

Talk dirty to me – Know the difference between dirty and disgusting and you’re good to go! It is vital to know what her limits are so as to not turn her off midway by saying something wrong.

Work it boy – To get her turned on, you’ll have to multitask your lips and hands, sometimes your toes can run up and down her legs.

Appreciate her – Women tend to be emotional about sex and simply letting her know how much you like what she’s doing to you could earn you brownie points!


Ratisha Das

Hi, I am Ratisha, and I am gay, I love to write about Sex and Liberation, a strong believer in "Live & Let Live. You can share your opinion about my writing in the comments below and I will try to attend all the comments

February 26, 2017

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