Even today, women's sexual liberty is often viewed with negative connotations from the previous generations because when the issue is put to discussion, the first and most common argument that is brought forward is the ethos and morals of the previous generation that today's women widely disregard. A sexually liberated woman is widely perceived to be a slut or a whore by the society and that is because most individuals just go by the worded definition without trying to getting into the detail of it.

A sexually liberated woman isn’t just the one who has countless casual sexual encounters without being guilty about it. This is what the society defines them whereas, in reality, she is just a woman who is aware of who she is as a sexual being, she is the one who largely accepts herself and the one who makes passionate love not just to her lover but even with herself. She seeks out some alone time, she masturbates as she best knows what turns her on. Sexual liberation, in its true sense, is not dependent on your partner, one can seek sexual liberation all by herself. Here are some sexual ideas/objects that a woman can try on her path to liberation.

Use a Sex toy:

Sex toys are known to be symbols of sexual liberation. Sex toys help you in self-discovery, what you like sexually and know your capacity for lust. Vibrators have known to exist for about 100 years and have been satisfying most of its users. If you are under the impression that toys are just for singles, you should watch around, many women are comfortable in trying toys with their partners.

Indulge in sexual role-play:

As suggested, a liberated woman is confident and self-aware. A role-play activity not just effective in turning up the heat but also help in reducing the biggest block to sexual pleasure: anxiety. By playing the role of your fantasized character, like a cop or a school girl , you become more sexually expressive and inspired.

Use intimate products:

Products like Massage oils for years have been used in bedrooms as they are known to increase your sensual feelings and libido. Essential oils reduce the level of stress in you and thus promote sexual energy within you, making you feel. Giving your partner is the most romantic thing and selfless thing you can do for him.

Romantic Games:

Most women feel the urge to liberate because they feel trapped in their sexual relation because their bedroom activity has turned to be a routine. Bedroom sex games help break the monotony and increase the level of intimacy that you share with your partner. If you not sure of what games to try you can pick one romance kits from Imbesharam

Hygiene products:

Maintaining hygiene around your genital areas helps in maintaining your self-esteem and confidence levels. It is also important to maintain genital hygiene as it helps in avoiding or spotting any signs of infections.

Pooja Pari

My name’s Pooja Pari. I’m a librarian who lives in the suburbs of Mumbai, a book work and a lazy cat, I fill my spare time by writing about NSFW content for IMBesharam.com and I love what I write, do share your opinions about my work in comments below.

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