Is the sex getting boring? Is it starting to feel like a routine, a mindless motion you two to go through that barely brings you any pleasure? Everything that used to feel sexy and gave you crazy orgasms, could eventually start to seem mundane and can barely even get you close to an orgasm. However, just because you’ve been in the relationship too long doesn’t mean you have to suffer through boring sex. It takes a little effort to bring that spice and chemistry back in the sheets.

We’re listing a few ideas that you can use to bring back the kink to your sex life!

Role Plays:

One of the simplest and limitless ideas is role play, all it requires is imagination. So let your wildest fantasies run free, whether it’s that hot steward on the flight or the sexy gym trainer!

Tie each other up:

Try some form of light bondage with a silk tie or a satin scarf and let the other person take complete control.

Try sex toys:

You could surprise your partner with a vibrator or a blindfold to add the extra moans!

Watch porn together:

Sometimes watching some, possibly tasteful, porn with your partner could get you hot and going. You could make a pact to not touch till the movie is over to build intensity.

Put on a show for them:

You could strip for them, touch yourself in front of them and make them watch without touching, it could be really hot.

Include food:

Try licking chocolate off each other or whipped cream. You could also try strawberries, they’re known to be aphrodisiacs!

Touch each other:

Get a little naughty and touch other seductively when you’re out, but be discreet. Build some sexual tension before you get home.

Do something new:

Try doing a new activity together that you both may enjoy, a hobby or a sport. It might help you see another aspect of your partner that may be attractive!

Get on your knees:

Ladies, the men love blowjobs and they love nothing more than surprise blowjobs! Find him standing sexily, looking into his phone? Just drop his pants and get to work, he will be dying to return the favor after.

Dirty talk:

Some of you may not be comfortable with talking about these things, but if the sex is getting boring, you need to step out of your comfort zone a little. Start up a dirty conversation with your partner and bring back the heat!

Shop together:

By that, I do not mean for groceries or pants, but lingerie. Allow him to choose something he wants to see you in.

Go on a date:

Gentleman, take a little effort and plan a traditional romantic date with your lady. A relaxed evening might just be what you need!

Work those fingers:

Oh by that I mean, get some aromatic massage oils and lather each other up while working some magic with your fingers to relieve your partner’s stress.

Awesome threesome:

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could have a threesome by either inviting a friend or a random stranger, whichever you find comfortable.

dheeraj Nagrani

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February 26, 2017

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