They came back from the music concert late that night. Still reeling in the goose bumps of the music they had witnessed. Not a word was spoken since they had entered home. She went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water before going to bed when he came and untied her hair, then swept them to one side so he could kiss her neck. He wanted to undress her since the time she came out of their bedroom to leave for the concert in that blue silk saree. The silk smoothly flowing on her skin, and snugly caressing her curves. He had been waiting to unravel her and devour her.

The moment he touched her, she sunk her body into his and pressed up hard against him. It had been long since he had touched her this way. She was already breathing heavy, desiring him with a loving intensity. With stopping the kisses for a second, he started removing the saree slowly. His hands simultaneously searching and exploring her body, like it was the first time.

The heat in those moments was so high, they were both really turned on by now. He pressed his excitement against her plump buttocks and they moved in a rhythm of their own, humming low moans and wanting more of each other.

He wanted to tease her some more, but he really wanted her. He turned her around in his arms and kissed her with an urgency of desire. Her hands were now unzipping his pants because she wanted him equally. She slid one hand in and started teasing yet provoking his boner into having her faster.

He picked her up in a swift motion and held her up against the wall while she wore nothing but her blouse and animalistic lust. He pushed himself inside her, she was already dripping wet desperate for him.

She wanted him to stop and continue at the same time. She couldn’t decide. He wasn’t going to stop today, he had made up his mind to pleasure her so much that he didn’t care if the neighbors woke up.

He kept thrusting back and forth, kissing her neck, hands pinned above her head. She must’ve already cum twice, but she wanted more. He wanted her louder. He changed his pace from fast to slow to fast again.

She started trembling from all the orgasms when he told her, “Just let go.”

A few seconds later she moaned loudest ever, freeing herself of so many unsatisfied nights. Watching her orgasm the way he had imagined it would be, he came immediately, inside her. Both trembling now, not letting go of each other, he kissed her again.

“I loved the way you moaned today” he whispered in her ears while losing wrapping the saree around her

“Let the round two begin,” She said playfully leading him to the bedroom.

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