‘Men think about sex all the time.’

‘Men can’t commit.’

‘Men can have sex without any feelings.’

What do all the above statements sound like? They’re definitely not facts. They’re baseless generalizations because we love to put people in categories. It helps us divide all the people we meet in our life. We build stereotypes which often end up being false and ridiculously assume emotions of another individual.

A lot of times, these mindsets extend into the bedroom and complicate the sex life. It can also go far enough to ruin your relationship or never find the full potential in bed for you two. We thought we could help you break some of these stereotypes with a little insight and help you understand your man a little better.


Men are not born insensitive. They seem to have developed a better sense of hiding how they feel than women. It’s also got to do with the society teaching and imbibing the stereotype that men are supposed to be strong and not emotional whereas women are allowed to show every emotion openly without being judged. Men are plenty emotional and sensitive and they generally choose to open up to only their close ones or that one special person.


While that’s what the patriarchal society we live in may have instilled in us for generations, not all men need to or like to dominate in bed. Whether always or sometimes, men do like when the woman takes charge. An assertive lady, who knows what she wants can be a huge turn-on for some.


Sex is a carnal instinct for humans and everyone wants it. However, assuming men want sex all the time and that’s all they care about is so not true. Just like women, sometimes even men are not in the mood because it’s got nothing to do with the gender of the person! Sex can be exhausting, energy consuming and often too much effort. We all live hectic lives and it can drain you physically enough to not want to involve in any action. It’s okay to take a night off for both of you!


Male or female, some persons are completely capable of having unattached sex but not all men are like that. Some genuinely wait to have sex with someone special, they can be generous lovers and invest emotionally. I know some men who are against meaningless sex and believe that it is an act of love and the sanctity of it should be maintained.


Your man may pretend to be confident and all charming, but even he gets nervous. Especially during the initial encounters, he may be as nervous or maybe even more than you to make sure you have a good time. He will do his best to impress you and also careful to not hurt or offend you. If he’s taking it slow, it does not mean he’s not interested, he could just be a little intimidated or anxious. So, take a little effort and make him feel comfortable so that he can be a little less worked up about taking care of you!


Bhaumik Chandra

Hi, I am Bhaumik Chandra, 27, writer of NSFW content at IMBesharam.com A Strong headed individual who believes sex is the solution to all the stress in the world.

February 26, 2017

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