Ever discussed a threesome idea in passing while talking dirty with your partner?

Well, it’s not that difficult and it could really be awesome. That’s why they say more the merrier! But just because it’s on your fantasy list or your partner was okay while lightly joking about it or the imagination was good to just get them started, it doesn’t mean they’re going to hop on board if you bring home a random stranger to suddenly get it on with. Especially in long term relationships, communication is key. There are many ways to get involved in threesomes or group sex scenes if you know where to ask. A lot of older couples indulge in swapping partners but most of these happenings stay in wraps because society; also why does everyone need to know? Apparently, every guy dreams of having a threesome with two girls at least once in his lifetime, and a lesser known secret is that a lot of girls do too!

If you are looking to add spice to your sex life, there are certain things you need to keep in mind which will also help make the process a little easier.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Discuss the idea with your partner openly. Talk about rules, boundaries, insecurities, whatever it may be, everything should be on the table now. Anything you hold back now, any question, doubt, discomfort is most likely to affect your relationship quickly.

Picking The Third (or fourth probably)

Whether you’re comfortable with choosing a friend for this or not, is up to you. However, statistics say it’s easier when you pick an acquaintance or a complete stranger. That way there’s fewer chances of bumping uglies after that one amazing or horrible night with them. You could also involve another couple so no one feels like the third wheel at any point.

Care and Share

It is important to remember why you’re doing it – make your sex life with your partner better, not start something new with the guest of honor. Care for your partner, involve them and pay enough attention to avoid any misunderstandings or jealousy. Talking about jealousy, be ready to share your partner at the same time. If you can’t watch your better half with another person doing sexy things, then threesomes/ group sex is not for you.

Open Up

Along with rules and limits, be sure to keep an open mind. You can’t predict what’s exactly going to happen that night so go with the flow. Give each other time to find a rhythm that matches with the other. You may end up enjoying something that night you never thought you would do.

Moments of Weakness

If the chemistry is good, the attraction for someone new might get you carried away and there might be moments of weakness. These moments are when you feel like breaking a certain rule you had laid out before starting this activity, and that’s the real test of your love. Don’t do it. Stick to the rules and control your emotions, they’ll pass. You do not want to lose something worthwhile over one night of crazy sex.

Make it Memorable

That does not mean you have to click pictures and frame it on the wall, but make the most of it, as much as possible. Let it be an explorer’s mission with your partner and the sex with your love the next time could be even better. Enjoy your bodies, enjoy each other and keep it simple. Also, just because you got involved once in a threesome, foursome or an orgy, doesn’t mean you have to be okay with doing it again. It’s completely fine to live a fantasy just that once!

Pooja Pari

My name’s Pooja Pari. I’m a librarian who lives in the suburbs of Mumbai, a book work and a lazy cat, I fill my spare time by writing about NSFW content for IMBesharam.com and I love what I write, do share your opinions about my work in comments below.

February 26, 2017

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