Every couple after a certain period of time thinks that their sex is turning into a routine rather than being something fun. All the magazines and relationship columns will provide multiple ideas to spice up the bedroom sessions by taking trips together or trying something new. So, if you don’t have the time to take a trip, you can always try role play to shake things around.

Role play is one the most innovative and limitless idea for spicing up your sex life. You can let your imagination run as wild as it allows both of you to be comfortable. That hot waitress you undressed in your head? That random stranger in the coffee shop you couldn’t keep your eyes off? You can be anyone you want and so can your partner. You can play out absolutely any scenario you have always dreamt of. To help kickstart your imagination, we’re listing down some ideas that you could use.

Good Girl, Bad Boy

The quintessential combination for a male-female relationship, the good girl can be coy and innocent while the bad boy can charm and win her over with his ruggedness. You could also reverse this combination to make it even more interesting.

The Naughty Student

Either of you could be the teacher, and the student could seduce the teacher for a better grade! We’ve all had at least one crush on one of our professors and it’s a great opportunity to play out your high school fantasy.

Stranger in a Bar

If you two are into dramatics, you could extend the role playing outside your bedroom. Plan a first date with your partner as if it’ll be the first time you’re meeting, or you could pretend to hit on each other at a bar randomly and tease and flirt to build up the excitement. Then one of you invites the other over to your place for some crazy times! Staying in character through the entire experience will keep the excitement all night long.

The 50 Shades Fantasy

Ever had 50 Shades of Grey kind of fantasy? If both of you are open to BDSM, this is a great idea! Depending on how far you want to take it, you could purchase some sex toys to make the scene realistic and even more enjoyable. Get a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, or a silk tie to tie your partner up. Always have a safe word for these scenarios.

Movie Characters

Pick your favorite movie couple, dress like them or do something to get into character. You could act out a scene from the movie and twist it in your own personal way. This is a great way to live your favorite movie moments with someone you love.

The Boss and the Secretary

Again, this one works both ways, which means either of you can be the boss or secretary and then switch! Also, you could watch the movie Secretary for inspiration.

Ever Heard About Voyeurs?

A lot of couples enjoy watching their partners masturbate in front of them. This teases and builds tension making the partners irresistible!

Strip For Me, Baby!

You could be Channing Tatum from Magic Mike or Demi Moore from Striptease; basically, you need to bring Vegas to your bedroom! Watch your partner strip and tease you with one piece of clothing at a time and dance to some of the sexy numbers.

It’s all about imagination and reigniting the flames between you two. While experimentation is important, keeping your partner’s comfort is equally vital. Talk about it and have a safe word that you wouldn’t normally use during sex in case of you wants to stop at any point.

Bhaumik Chandra

Hi, I am Bhaumik Chandra, 27, writer of NSFW content at IMBesharam.com A Strong headed individual who believes sex is the solution to all the stress in the world.

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