Remember that scene from the movie Queen, when Rani and her roommates are shopping in Amsterdam and she happens to buy a bunch of stuff for her folks? Yeah, that’s a sex toy store which is of course not legal in India. I’m positive you’ve heard of sex toys so I don’t need to give you a boring Wikipedia definition for it. Now, while everyone knows about vibrators and dildos which are mainly for women, there are sex toys for men too! The toys are meant for enhancing sexual pleasure, and it doesn’t discriminate; so basically there’s something for everyone.

Sex toys are known to drastically change the way you orgasm. They facilitate in exploring new realms of pleasure, feelings and emotions if used with a partner. Understanding one’s body may not be possible in a lifetime but a toy in the sheets is a good start to know yourself better.


Dildos and vibrators that may have been seen in movies or otherwise on the internet most commonly used there are a whole wide variety if you were really looking. Using a sex toy during masturbation not only heightens orgasms, it helps improve circulation and tones the muscles. It definitely feels better than not using toys. Regular inclusion of these in your solo moments will likely help emotionally as well, as your sessions may become more satisfying and help you become more confident about your sexuality.

Studies have shown that a lot of women also use toys with their partners. Not all guys may be comfortable with that, but if you discuss it you could really make your bedroom tales much better (and louder). Sharing such experiences with a partner will also help your relationship. The toys can help you discover more of your erogenous zones, apart from the clitoris and vagina, of course.


Sex toys for men exist, yes. While it may be a slightly difficult matter to discuss because of the immense cultural and societal pressure attached to it; it’s often ignored that men also need to be able to explore their bodies and understand the multitude layers of sexuality they have hidden there. There are toys for men that they can use when flying solo and when they’re with their significant other.

Men have been blessed with a G-spot as well, it’s not a female exclusive concept and there are ways to pleasure a man beyond the tip and shaft of his penis. I’m going to share a very interesting open secret with you, *drumrolls please* most men would love anal stimulation because it’s an access point for their G-spot but they’re probably never going to ask. There are toys that can make the process maybe a little less gross and more pleasurable because you may not actually have to touch it (there’s nothing wrong in touching either as long as high standards of hygiene are being maintained).


Pooja Pari

My name’s Pooja Pari. I’m a librarian who lives in the suburbs of Mumbai, a book work and a lazy cat, I fill my spare time by writing about NSFW content for and I love what I write, do share your opinions about my work in comments below.

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