We still live in a society wherein boys, in the early teens, are flamboyantly seen talking about their good friend, the hand. On the other hand, girls are raised with a thought that self-exploration is something that is “forbidden”. The moment young girls are seen curious about their bodies, touching their genitals they get a reflexive response like “don’t do that.”

By the time men and women reach adulthood, terms like masturbation and self-satisfaction are more common. But the influence of early days, the imposition of the cultures, is visible in the difference of the attitude towards the same subject, self-love. Many women are still known to associate masturbation with sin, embarrassment, and shame.

Many findings report that women are yet to come to terms with the fact that self-satisfaction is completely normal and a healthy exercise, it has also worked for women to lift their self-esteems.

Solo time makes you confident

Once a girl/woman embraces self-love, it allows them to take ownership of their bodies. It helps them to find their pleasure zones and achieve orgasms. Women who are known to spend some solo time are known to be more confident and more intriguing. Once she has had a chance to know about her pleasures, it even helps to perform better in bed with her partner. She knows what she has to ask for, what pleasures her.

Masturbation is complex for her

Masturbation has different meanings for different individuals. While many men are known to shank out of addiction women do it because they are known to experience multiple and deep orgasms. Because a Woman’s body is relatively more complicated, they then to be little more experimental, they look for new pleasure zones like stimulating G-spots, the upper cervix etc. They also work their ways with sex toys for masturbation, vibrators, dildos and love balls.

Be curious

Curiosity is the biggest factor behind women masturbation that is because women can experience 5 different types of orgasms. During a sexual intercourse, most women experience just the clitoral orgasm; it is like having a plain vanilla for ice-cream. The other orgasms like vaginal, blended, coregasm and the skin orgasm. So it is the curiosity that makes them hit the bed solo. The science behind the orgasms is what makes masturbation as a second alternative to sex for men while it is much more than that for women. And that gives them every right to self-exploration.

Masturbation and misconception

Misconceptions around masturbation extend even to the number of times each of the two genders masturbates. Men are known to masturbate more frequently than women because they are presumably known to carry a higher libido etc. But it has more to do with how the two are raised during their early childhood years.

Self-love for both genders equally is only and only about knowing and accepting oneself. It is all about feeling joyous, beautiful. Our society should let it be like that.

Don’t stop if you are women; go ahead make vibrators your new BFF.

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Bhaumik Chandra

Hi, I am Bhaumik Chandra, 27, writer of NSFW content at IMBesharam.com A Strong headed individual who believes sex is the solution to all the stress in the world.

February 26, 2017

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