Massage is great and it can be fun and relaxing. It relaxes the body, stimulates blood flow and is a natural painkiller. While it does get better when it gets intimate experience and leads to the growth of love amongst couples.

Slow hands with erotic touch at erogenous zones can put any tired soul into a quivering in no time. Mastering an erotic massage will not only ensure that you are soul satisfies but also you’ll never be short of sex again… guaranteed. It is a fantastic relationship building tool.

It is also an amazing reason to run your hands up and down every inch of your lover’s body while they shiver with pleasure, which makes massage a fantastic foreplay tool too. Here are a few tips you need to ensure you have that magic touch

Set the mood

Set the mood, no one wants an erotic massage right when he/she is back from work all sweaty or in the midst of a pile of smelly clothes. Think sensual and make the mood fit for the idea.

Fill up the bath with warm waters as well as oils, bubbles or salts if you have. Light up the candle to create an ambiance. Let the partner relax in the tub as you pour water over the rest of their body. Warm water will help loosen and relax their muscles and will make massage thousand times better.

In the room, dim the lights put some erotic candles for a romantic feel. Candles help enhance mood lighting and give the room a pleasant scent. You can also play some relaxing music – Some classical sexy songs. You can check an awesome collection of tracks here.

Start With a Back Rub.

After bath wrap your partner in a robe or towel and have them lie face down on a flat surface with arms at their side. Tell them to take a deep breath or two to relax their whole body and focus on your touch. Once they’re relaxed, start with the balls of their feet and slowly work your way upward into their thighs, back, arms and shoulders. Always ask your lover how much pressure you should apply. Sometimes it’s a lot, and other times it’s a little. It can even vary day to day, so it never hurts to check.

Resist the urge to get sexual.

Something that is most common amongst first timers is they just rub the body for thirty seconds before they grab and squeeze, do your best to resist the temptation. The Biggest difference between a great massage and a so-so massage is how you tease long enough for things to intensify.

Start by relaxing the partner and give them a good massage, rub shoulders, arms, and calf’s lower back. Go slow, enjoy they way your partner’s skin feel under your hands.  Go slow, enjoy the way your partner’s skin feel under your hands. You need to pay close attention to their verbal and physical cues and adjust the massage technique as needed.

Whisper can be a great turn-on

Whisper those dirty naughty things into her ear. Start gently, telling her how sexy she looks and how much you enjoy her skin. Keep asking her how she feels and listens to her response closely. If she/he is not yet naked, undress slowly.

Pamper her and increase temptation

While in the massage don’t assume that you have done enough, ask your partner if they’ve got any more stress they need to work out. An amazing erotic massage is about pampering and helping your partner. Starting massage just to have sex at the end of the end is the wrong way to start… your performance will not be up to the mark with this.

Let her have fun with your hands – tease her and increase the temptation by touching her lightly and keeping things slow and deliberate. Drawing the massage longer will increase pleasure for both of you at the act.

Erotic massages are always the fun and pretty effective way to lead into sex, but if you don’t know how to make her orgasm, all the buildup will be for nothing.

Image reference: IMR Massage

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March 28, 2017

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