You should have sex during your period!

Does that sound ridiculous? Does it sound like a damn messy idea? Does it sound like I’m talking rubbish? Well, believe me, I’m not. Sex during periods is actually one of the best feelings in the world and a great way to fight social stigma around menstruation. While we’ve been raised to always keep our monthly cycle private because we’ve been told be ashamed about something so natural happening to us every month by no choice of ours.

There are several reasons you should not be rejecting the idea completely and below we’ve listed some to at least make you consider it.

We’re The Naysayers

Research has concluded that it’s the women who have an issue with sex during periods. Men, in majority, have in fact said they would have no problem with it, however only a committed relationship. Irrespective, don’t be afraid to bring the topic up with your partner if you would like to give it a try.

Sexy Feeling

Women usually feel unsexy about their bodies during menstruation because they’re bloated, feel like a mess, and experience cramps and pain. Having sex while on your period will actually bring back the sexy feeling and better those PMS mood swings.

Farewell Cramps

It is known that sex can relieve menstrual cramps. The hormones released during an orgasm will numb the cramps and help you feel better about your body. I don’t think you’ll need any more reason to give it a try, but keep reading, we aren’t done amazing you.

Not Such A Messy Affair

Of course, there will be blood, but it doesn’t have to be as messy as you think. Avoid heavy flow days and choose a light one, lay a towel below before you start and clean up after. You can also try positions that are less likely to mess the place, like man on top. You can also ensure minimum bleeding by inserting a tampon just before you get it on to soak up the blood for the time being, remember to remove the tampon before intercourse.

Endless Lube

You won’t need to use any artificial lube as the blood will act as a natural one. Since the wetter the better, there won’t be any lack of it.

Shorter Periods

Orgasms during period sex make the lining in the uterus fall faster due to the contractions which shorten your period. It is also one of the reasons you’re relieved of your menstrual cramps.

Comfort Zone

Sharing that kind of intimacy with your partner will not only make your chemistry stronger, it’ll help you both step out of your comfort zones and share something beautiful together.

Horny Tales

Women are also hornier around their period due to the flooding testosterone in the week of the cycle making it a great idea to actually get it on!

Note: Always use a condom during period sex because women can conceive even when they’re on their period because getting pregnant has to do with ovulation which varies for different women. It is also recommended to use protection to avoid infections and STDs.

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February 27, 2017

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