Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the body has clear signals and functions that it does when the body is prepared for sex. Your brain and the nervous system usually gets ready for an oncoming activity, whether it’s an interview when it builds up on confidence and also sometimes anxiety or the anticipation of sex.

The changes that the body goes through to respond to the sexual stimulation can be categorized in four phases – excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution. There is no specific start and end to any phase as they will overlap during the process of sex. Once the mind is prepared, it’ll do the following things to make the experience better.


The vagina releases natural lubrication to facilitate penetration when the body is turned on. Depending on the stimulation, the wetness will vary. The process of vaginal lubrication may be higher in the initial phase of the relationship because of higher levels of anticipation and excitement and ebb in the long run.


The vagina expands, lengthens and the muscles contract. The vaginal walls are usually closed up and when the body is turned on, they slowly start opening up to let the penis fit inside. The vaginal lips puff up, blood flow increases to this region and swells up the vaginal layers; this helps the partners feel each other during penetration and heightens pleasure. The clitoris retracts into the hood. There is also known to be a slight color change of the inner labia, but it is hardly noticeable.


The entire body muscles may experience a contraction, including thighs, stomach, butt, and hands. The body may feel spasms.


The breasts become more sensitive to touch, they may swell up to as much as twenty-five percent before and during sex, and the nipples turn hard.


Heart rate increases, more blood is being pumped in the vaginal area.


When the body is ready, breathing becomes heavier and sometimes shorter.


The face may also be rushed with blood, making the cheeks blush, it’s known as ‘the sex flush’.

Afreen Malik

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February 27, 2017

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