Apart from feeling amazing, sex has a whole bunch of benefits for your health and relationship. Many couples notice higher levels of emotional intimacy and less guarded in relationships after having sex not just because they have someone for regular action, but since sex has more to do with your emotions than you think. From a healthier heart to stronger immunity, sex can do a lot of good for your physical well being.

Reduces stress

Feel-good hormones called endorphins and oxytocin are produced in the body during sex because of touching, kissing, hugging which relaxes the mind and relieves stress. It also helps keep anxiety and depression at bay.

Improves intimacy

Sex is about sharing your extremely private space with someone, so it helps break your guard with your partner. The feel-good hormones activate various pleasure centers of the brain which create a need for intimacy and trust with your partner.

Immunity & metabolism booster

Sex is the most natural immunity booster. Various studies have shown that individuals with an active sex life fall sick less often. The body releases certain protective antibodies that help ward off against common viruses, bacteria, works and other germs that cause diseases. Research has also shown better metabolism in persons having sex twice-thrice a week on an average.

Healthier heart

Regular sexual activity keeps hormone levels in check, like estrogen and testosterone. Any imbalance in these levels can cause heart troubles and even osteoporosis. Sex also controls high blood pressure situations.

Better libido

Lack of libido, vaginal dryness or pain, can all be treated by having sex. Involving in sexual activity will boost desire, help lubrication and alleviate pain from the pelvic region.

As good as cardio

Sex involves physical movement and a good session can burn as much as five calories per minute to qualify as cardio! It also increases your flexibility and keeps you active. While it may not exactly be ideal to replace your regular workout with sex, it’s a good addition to your physical activities.

Improved sleep patterns

Sex releases prolactin, a natural sleep drug which ensures a peaceful shut eye. You feel satisfied and sometimes exhausted after having sex, this makes falling asleep easier. It is also known to reduce the symptoms of insomnia.

Goodbye cramps

Sex is known to aid in regulating menstrual cycles, reduces menstrual cramps, and delaying the onset of menopause. Endorphins released during an orgasm work similar to morphine, hence, relieves pain no matter which body part – headaches, arthritis and cramps. These hormones block pain signals relieving the body of suffering.

Younger skin

The release of estrogen and testosterone can keep your skin looking much younger than your actual age, and even envious hair. Individuals with an active sex life, four times a week on average, looked almost seven to twelve years younger (may vary person to person based on lifestyle choices). However, it’s safe to say that with good regular sex, you can stop buying those expensive anti-ageing creams and night creams!

Bladder control

A high percentage of women suffer from urinary incontinence. Regular or work the pelvic muscles, strengthening and toning them (very similar to kegel exercises).

Prostate cancer

One of the male specific benefit of sex is a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Studies have shown that men who ejaculated on an average of twenty-one times a month were less likely to show any symptoms. However, there is no solid reason to categorise the ejaculation through sex, masturbation or nocturnal emission.

Ratisha Das

Hi, I am Ratisha, and I am gay, I love to write about Sex and Liberation, a strong believer in "Live & Let Live. You can share your opinion about my writing in the comments below and I will try to attend all the comments

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