Sex is excitement, and thrilling but over a period of time couples forget that the art to a good session is the built up to the performance. Orgasm is merely a byproduct of this amazing drive where foreplay should be given the at most importance. Here are 5 breathtaking games that if done rightly will lead you to the ultimate satisfaction

Know your man’s body

Men are inherent givers and that’s the reason why their erogenous zones are ignored. Play this game with your man and together explore his sensitive side.

What you need:

Piece of cloth Or Handcuffs and Blindfold 

How to play:

Tie up your man and blindfold him. Start to kiss and caress his sensitive areas and see for his reactions. You can also look to stimulate his G-spot which is located near his prostate. On this night identify the maximum number of your man’s pleasure spots.

Work your way up

Foreplay is important and not optional. Do you feel the same? Here’s an interesting and simple game to bring foreplay to your bedroom.

What you need:

Sexy undergarments for men and women and foreplay ideas.

How to play:

Both the partners start in underwear either in bed or anywhere comfortable. Both indulge in intense foreplay activities like kissing, massaging, etc. You remove the undergarments only once your partner has satisfied you. If your partner doesn’t remove his/her undergarment it means you have to give more.


Taste and tell

What’s the most erotic experience? If that’s what you ask. We have the answer. Try this game with your partner and experience the real eroticism.

What you need:

Chocolate spread, Honey, Blindfolds 

How to play:

Blindfold your loved one and place or apply some food item on your body parts. Ask your partner to locate the item using their sensory powers as he/she glides all over your body. You must reward with a sweet surprise each time he/she succeeds finding the right spot and identifies the item.


Hide & Seek

Find your foreplay sessions rudimentary? Add some kink to your foreplay by playing this kinkier version of the classic game. Here’s how you do it.

What you need:

All sex toys, lingerie, and all the kinky stuff that you can use during sex.

How to play:

In contrary to the game replace humans with items. Take turns to find items that are hidden around the house. Once you find it, you can use it on yourself or on your partner or together. E.g: Husband finds a dildo in the balcony and introduces during sex.


Blind buff in Bed

Why is ‘IT’ better with eyes covered? Because your imagination can go everywhere and come back plus she won’t catch you. So if you haven’t planned your date night this weekend, here is a TIP:

What you need:

Blindfold, necktie or scarf

How to play:

Blindfold her, lead her to the bed, and take turns between performing oral and penetration. When you take away the sense of your sight it only heightens the power of other senses. Playing blind during sex will create oodles of sensation in your body.

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