For men who care to give her the love she deserves here are the 5 tips to push her to the orgasm that she craves for

C shape when you go down

Form a C shape with your thumb, index and middle finger. Use the index and middle finger to stimulate the top wall of the vagina, using a come hither motion. While rubbing the clitoris with your thumb or use your tongue to really push her over the edge.

SOS (Something for shoulders)

Take both her legs and throw them over your shoulders. When entering, tilt your hips down so the top of your penis rubs nicely along the top wall of her vagina. Whenever I do this my girlfriend’s eyes roll back in her head, she calls me dirty names and promptly cums all over me.

Let the thumb roll

For the guy on the bottom, if your girl is on top, slip your thumb in between and let her grind away on that. It’s simple, pleasurable, and requires a pretty minimal effort on the guys part but reaps rewards on the girls part. It brings you from dead fish to thoughtful partner without any extra thrusting, crazy workouts, or overt effort.

Tease her right

Ready to have sex with a woman, and haven’t put it in yet? Awesome, you got to play with her a bit. Before entering slide your dick up and down her slit maybe even push it down on her clitoris a bit use her wetness or maybe add a bit of lube and play with her until she begs you to put it in her OR make her cum on your dick before you even put it in her, there is something about the hard shaft and head rubbing against clit/slit that fits really well together

Missionary position

During missionary position (as a guy), move your hips up and slightly away from your partner when thrusting in. This will (hopefully) stimulate her clitoris and sometimes her g-spot or u-spot if you’re doing it right. As a bonus it presses on the bottom of her vagina as well, giving her a more “full” feeling. Timing kegal contractions in unison with the thrusting is also highly encouraged.


Bonus: Headphones and blindfold during oral sex.

Before going down on her, put on some instrumental music (Explosions in the Sky works nicely) and put the headphones on her. Blindfold her or cover her eyes with a towel. The sensory deprivation magnifies the sensations she feels as you pleasure her.


Reference: Reddit

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February 27, 2017

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