Sex can be sweet and romantic for some and kinky and dirty for other. Each individual has own choice of type of sex he/she prefers but adding a twist to your regular sex is thrilling and loved by all kinds. Here is a game that you can play together.

This game starts in the morning, while the tease continuous through the day the climax happens only at night making you hungrier and hornier wanting to have sex, a lot of raw sex.

The game combines a lot of texts, emails and conversations (build up) for the steamy sex that follows. In this game, man makes certain rules and sends to her, the rules she must abide by through the day

Here are the rules you set for her:

  1. She is not supposed to respond to any email that is sent to her nor acknowledge them in text messages. She will reply only if asked
  2. You can send her a few erotic literature/porn clips to masturbate every few hours.
  3. You can ask her to dress in something sexy and masturbate, take videos and pictures. (Not to be sent but you both can enjoy it together when you get back home)
  4. She can masturbate and come to the edge but is allowed to orgasm only once through the day. (Bringing her on the edge, will make her hornier when you get to home)
  5. On your way back, you will call her and tell her to be dressed and ask her how she wants the sessions to go. You can tell her what you are going to do with her. Fuck her, suck her, spank her, gag her, all the crazy things that you are charged to do to her.
  6. Ask her to reply “YES” when she reads the rules above, then proceed with normal conversation


Through the day keep sending her teasing messages, talk dirty

Send her erotic stories, porn ask her to masturbate

Take the bottle of wine on your way back home just to have a cherry on cake experience

You might get tempted through the day to break free and ask for nudes, or just rush home on the thought of her masturbating but holding your horse could be the right thing because once you set her motor running the pleasure would be extremely exciting.


Reference: Reddit

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