The myth: It hurts

The truth: Anal sex is often done incorrectly, and hence it hurts. For many women, it gives incredible pleasure and even results in orgasm. The key to it is to start slow, work your way by insertion os smaller implements like a finger, sex toys and don’t forget to use plenty of lube. Lube will win your way to the glory hole

The myth: If it hurts once, it will always hurt

The truth: First time you did, it hurt badly. Ok. But you do not need to shut the backdoor forever. Most of the negative experiences occur because of not following the proper instructions: We always emphasize on going slow, using lube and gradually increasing the size of the foreign object inside anal. Bonus: A nice trick is to stimulate your clitoris while experiencing anal, it gives pleasure to your pain

The myth: Anal is for sluts

The truth: Anal sex has been voted as number one taboo sexual behavior amongst heterosexual couples. So they all can’t be sluts. Anal sex is a natural curiosity of our body and if it involves pleasure, you should feel it. It can be experienced in a safe and healthy way

The myth: He won’t respect you the same.

The truth: He always kept pestering you for anal and not that he got it, he won’t treat you the same. This is the most common feeling experienced by the woman, however, most men are modern enough and consider backdoor entry as an addition to the regular sex life.

The myth: You can skip condoms for anal sex

The truth: Just because there is no pregnancy risk doesn’t mean that the condom can go off. Condom are used to avoid not only pregnancy but also most STD’s like (chlamydia, gonorrhea, infectious hepatitis, and HIV) The lining of the anus is much thinner and can be broken more easily if too much dry friction occurs so use plenty of lube and don’t forget condoms

The myth: It will damage the ass forever

The truth: Anything related with “Sex” if done the ‘wrong way’ could cause long term damage. Imagine if you have a dry vagina and you start thrusting, it will cause micro-tears in the vagina. The same can happen with Anal sex. We consider the fact that vagina has natural lubrication but that simply means that one needs to use real lubricant for anal sex to have a safe and healthy experience

The myth: Your anus will get all stretched

The truth: Biggest misconception similar to the one where people say vagina gets irreparably stretched out of childbirth. It is a myth.  With regular anal sex, your anus learns to become more relaxed to the experience which is related to your mental act of control. Similar to how vagina can take a wide range of penises; anus can too – if done in proper stages.

The myth: It gets dirty

The truth: The ultimate concern for every first timer is the bowel movement during Anal sex. Faces aren’t sorted in rectum – it just passes through during the bowel moment. So a simple enema can help, to make it squeaky clean. Anal sex requires a little more care and affection than regular sex. Be gentle use lube. And in case you are planning for entry to both holes. Always go for Vaginal and then Anal because even a slightest of fecal material in the vagina can cause infection or if you still insist on having vaginal after anal make sure to wash with antimicrobial soap before making entry.

The myth: Homosexuals engage in Anal sex

The truth: Anyone can enjoy receiving anal sex (if properly prepared), and it has no link to sexual orientation. There are lots of nerve endings which can be stimulated pleasurable for both sexes. Men can also enjoy the stimulation of prostate via anal penetration

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