The Sex toy industry has come a long way since the days when doctors used vibrators for curing hysteria to being featured in full-length feature films such as 50 Shades of Grey. Yet there are many individuals who consider dildos to be the only sex toys that are available for females. If you are one of them, It’s not just that you’re wrong, you are grossly mistaken. The Sex toy industry has so many different products made exclusively for females and today we list out five products that you didn’t know exist.


Butt Plug

First on the list is a butt plug, as the name suggests this is toy gives you some sensation in your other hole. Using a butt plug during vaginal stimulation can enhance the overall experience of it significantly. You can keep it inserted while you are masturbating or while having sex.

Some Butt plugs also vibrate for increased pleasure, which can stimulate both you and your partner while having sex.



Oral Simulator

This is one revolutionary female sex toy that promises to provide sheet-clenching, mind-blowing, revolutionary orgasms. Sqweel wheel 2 provides intense orgasms without you having to thrust it or without any vibrations.

Yes. No vibrations. It is a great oral sex simulator and comes fitted with 10 soft silicon tounges on a wheel rotates in different speeds and patterns. This sex toy gives females the great flexibility to get the pleasure of a tongue anywhere, anytime. Buy one



Finger Bullet

Most females first start exploring their erogenous zones by moving a finger or two down there and hence finger has a very special role to play when it comes to self-satisfaction. Women who feel intimated by the idea of inserting a large dildo can rejoice. The Frisky Finger is designed to empower your finger to give bigger orgasms.

It is made of clear, pliable jelly rubber with a textured finish that easily fits on any of your fingers. It also comes with a bullet vibrator that takes your fingering experience to the next level.




Before you mistaken it for just another vibrator or a dildo out there, make sure you read about it. This exciting toy has tons of fun uses. This single toy can be used for clit stimulation, vaginal masturbation, anal play and couples play. This toy is made of glass which makes it good receptive to temperature, warming naturally to match body heat on contact.

Apart from being too useful, this toy is also incomparably hygienic, it’s perfectly nonporous and absolutely seamless, presenting numerous possibilities for cleansing.




Breast Stimulator

Do you like the idea of hands-free breast stimulation? Do you miss your breasts being caressed while having sex in certain positions where your partner can’t reach out to them? If these things are on your mind, we have a perfect product for you. Finally, your breasts and nipples can get the pampering and attention they deserve anytime you need them.

Simply place these silicon cups on your breasts and turn them on to experience tiny jelly ticklers vibrating with perfect pressure. These are completely wire and hands-free and are designed to stay there as long as you want them to.



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