We all loved toys as kids though its importance reduced as we grew up but at ImBesharam we help grownups find their love for toys and strive to give the similar feeling of content and happy that you used to get as a kid with just some added kink and spiced up pleasure. Men’s sex toys come in different variants and kinds with a clear intention to make you cum. While the destination is common the journey is what makes the difference. Categories of Men’s toys include: Penis pumps, penis rings, penis enhancers, masturbators, love dolls and prostate toys

There are 100’s of choices available for Men’s toys making it difficult for you to select your ideal partner. Here is an expert’s opinion about the toys and its uses. Hope this helps in getting your ideal match.

Love Dolls: Generally used as a surrogate for a partner

Masturbators: Perfect companion for solo fun

Penis Pumps: Helps get an erection

Penis rings: Easy tool to enhance your performance

Penis Extensions and Sleeves: Stimulates your partner during sex

Anal toys: Prostate & anal stimulation

Here is what you need to know before you start using that sex toy you bought

Clean up: Wash your toy before using it for the first time; make sure to do so secretly without being disturbed. Watching an adult movie while cleaning can set the mood right.

Set: Once ready to use, apply lube to your toy as well as your shaft. Ensure that the toy is completely lubed. Dry run between strokes can be irritating.

Go: Glide the tip of your shaft inside the toy. Depending on the size of shaft and size of a toy, it might feel tight. But that’s what is gonna make it better. Once inside, rhythmically move it up and down just like you’re masturbating. Squeeze the masturbator to feel the inside pleasure nubs massaging your shaft.


Cleaning isn’t the easiest thing to do when it comes to Men’s toys. Male masturbators, in particular, can be really hard to clean. Here are four easy cleaning rules to help you out.

  • Clean before and after use: the Easiest way is to spray it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and then wiping it off with a lint-free towel.
  • Wash it out: After usage, hold it up to the faucet and flush it out with water. This cleaning method works best with open-ended masturbators.
  • Water-based lubes: Water-based lubes can be used with all types of sex toys and condoms. Other types of lube can cause chemical reactions with some sex toy materials.
  • Store safely: Sex toys for men are mostly made from silicone or special realistic materials that can be damaged if not handled properly


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