Vibrators that won’t raise alarms

Sex in India is still a reserved topic, one that is only brought up during close and intimate conversations or behind the closed doors. We live in an age where sex is all around us, from Bollywood movies to newspaper articles talking about the menace of sex abuse to hook-up and dating apps on our phones, yet we feel hesitant to talk about it. Sex toys are often looked as objects that rekindle the lost spark and spruce up the ‘between the sheets’ action.

Many women still find buying or using a vibrator very intimidating, as it’s still a common misconception that vibrators are only designed to look like a penis. These women just find it difficult to be proud of their vibrating buddy in their handbag or closet. To put your intimacy woes to rest, brings these many discreet vibrators that look so that you get to enjoy without any fears.

Rocks-Off Bamboo Bullet

Disguised to look like a tube of lipstick, this vibrator is waterproof and quite too. Made of ABS plastic with a unique angled tip to deliver the maximum pleasure at the right spots. It’s not just discreet but also small enough to carry comfortably in your handbag.

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe 

This oval shaped vibrator looks just like any other portable body massager. One can sport comfortably it and it has great use too. It provides pressure wave and touch free clitoris stimulation. It is powered by rechargeable batteries so the time and place are never going to be an issue.

Easy Rider Mini Massager

It’s not just the vibrator that is made to look discreet, but the name is disguised too. This is the best and effective massager available out there that can relieve both your physical and sensual stress. It is small, elegant-looking and relatively inexpensive too. It is made of plastic chrome and comes in a novelty carrying case.

Le Reve Vibrating Bullet

This small yet powerful vibrator is a popular pick globally as it can give you orgasms on the go. It’s just over 2 inches long which will make many mistaken it for just another women’s accessory. It has a smooth coat that is so perfect for direct stimulation. With just one touch control, it is also very user-friendly.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The above product is the cutest looking vibrator out there. It fits right in the hand with simple and easy to use modes. The product is designed to look just like any other face massager, so you can even keep it on your dressing table without having to worry about it. The curved top makes it easier to stimulate your deeper erogenous zones and achieve intense orgasms.



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