Your love for each other is eternal and sex life is nocturnal

Here are the toys that you both could rejoice, have fun because this is Imbesharam

Sex toys are a fun addition to the bedroom, increasing number of couples add a toy to their sex life to make it a legend-wait for it-dary experience. Here is a detailed guide of sex toys for couples. Play together, stay together. While many sex toys are designed for solo pleasure there also exists category where couples enjoy sex toys together. Clitoris stimulator, strap on harness, penis enhancers are some of the examples of sex toys for couples.


  • Sex toys can help you last longer in bed and give you more pleasure. They are not only used for foreplay but some toys can indeed enhance the performance during sex.
  • Introducing toys can improve relationships, toys require a lot of communication like what is working right, what’s not. This honest communication will bring a whole new level of out-of-bed communication for both.
  • You both explore different sides that you are unaware of bringing you naughty side in the picture.


There are different varieties of sex toys available for couples so it is really hard to get that one that both of you can agree upon. Below we have put together some variants of sex toys along with its benefits. Check what suits your needs and what product it is.

  • Couples vibrators: It can be work during sex, it stimulates both the partners during sex
  • Romance kits and bondage toys: If you are experimental in nature and would like to try kinky sex this kits can help you kick start
  • Oral fun: Spicing up oral sex with flavored lubes and mints so that everything tastes better.
  • Penis enhancers: You need to ensure the right position for correct results, penis enhancers stimulate your partner during sex.
  • Sex swings & position aids: If you wish to try new sex positions sex swings and positional aids could become your thing
  • Strap on harnesses: If you have a role reversal in your head, you got to try this.


When you finally plan to buy one and are ready to kink up the night, here is a small guide so that you are not left unsatisfied

Prepare: Clean up your toy first, ensure fresh batteries for peak performance. Ensure that you have lube handy nearby. Always use water based lubes with toys so that they last longer and there is no damage to the toy

Rolling: Roll yourself in the bed, but ensure you both are at a comfortable place with no disturbance. First-time usage experience is completely ruined with slightest of disturbance from external factors. Set the mood with low light awesome music.

Play: Foreplay as always is keep to a great experience, work it with slow kissing and foreplay and gradually at the comfort of partner bring the toy. Focus should be to please each other with ultimate goal of orgasm for both


For your toys to last long and perform right all the time, it is important to clean them after the performance. Easiest of the way is to use antibacterial spray and wiping it with lint-free towel and always store it in dry place



Image: Redbookmag

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April 17, 2017

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