If you are new to Imbesharam the world of sex toys it can be a bit confusing, with wide varieties of options available there is so much to consider. From bringing the topic to the partner, to making the transaction and actually getting the delivery without anyone knowing about it can be a difficult first time process. We hope that this guide can give you some insight into the world of sex toys in all of its facets. You do not need to feel embarrassed or anxious as these toys are designed for your orgasm time alone or to be used with your partner. Let’s take this kink walk to the more intimate side of sex.


Introduction to toys.

How can you use a sex toy? Aren’t you satisfied with your him? Are you a pervert? Nymphomaniac? When it comes to toys we have way lot of judgmental questions awaiting for us. Here is some light to a help you get over the initial Enzyte.

Stop worrying – Benefits of using sex toy supersedes the worries. If you plan to use a sex toy, you have to get over your insecurities about it. The toy is designed for your pleasure and it can be a great adventure for couples to heighten their intimacy and orgasmic experience. It will also help you explore your own pleasure. If you are amongst those women who have never experienced an orgasm – a sex toy is sure to make you feel the ecstasy.

A right sex toy can make things happen, for a lot who think using a toy is dirty. There is nothing inherently dirty or abnormal about tools we use to heighten the intimacy, pleasure and sexual experience.

Sex toys sale in India has grown leaps and bounds, many couples and single women, men buy toys for a solo adventure or couple exploration. Here at our store, we have a variety of toys and we sell and deliver them taking into consideration the audiences secrecy and discreet packaging & delivery. So if you’re ready for a life-changing experience – let’s go!


Safety and toys

Variety does spice up your life so whether you are new to it or a seasoned explorer. Sexual adventure is fun but can be embarrassing and which can in a sense be a part of the fun. Different toys require a different level of involvement and hence it is important to be aware of what you are buying or using. Make sure to do your research and don’t just buy the toy and use without instructions or proper information.

It is common to find some issues with safe material and design on some of the toys. It all depends on where they come from. Legitimate brands like those on our website will provide the best quality and full information on what they are made of and how to use them safely.

Be pro-active and safeguard your health by taking the time to read about the product, check demo and functioning. Keep in mind these 4 points when you purchase sex toys:

  1. Avoid STI’s through sex toys: Even though it is just a sex toy, it needs proper thorough cleaning and sterilized between each use.
  2. Keep it covered when not in use: Avoid germs and bacteria growth on toy
  3. Do not share sex toy without sterilization
  4. Avoid duplicate products and always buy from authentic vendor of sex toys to ensure quality
  5. Clean toys between each use.

Different toys need a different type of care, make sure to research ahead of time the specifics of each toy.


Female orgasm

Now that you know about sex toys and have got safety tips. Let us move to something raunchier. Sex toys for invented to simulating a variety of orgasm. Anyone who has ever used a toy can confirm this fact. Men normally have no problem reaching orgasm, but for many women a vast majority it is a difficult or unheard phenomenon.

Orgasm can feel out of reach for many women. However, toys can help reach the sexual peak of nirvana each time you use them. While using toys you might come across a new concept of different types of orgasm, generally, there are 4 main types of female orgasms. This depends on what the woman is keen to experience. These toys may help you decide on the toy you need to get.

  1. Clitoral orgasm – For a woman who has ever achieved orgasm a vast majority fall in this bracket. These women reach orgasm through stimulation of external female genitalia than with intercourse alone. Keeping this in mind, you need to get the toy that has external stimulation attached to them for extra stimulation. The clitoris is a hidden erogenous zone for women, a sweet spot that is perfect for solo stimulation and during intercourse with a partner. The ideal toy partner for you would be something that is handheld and fits in the palm of your hand with multiple vibrations to choose from.
  2. Vaginal Orgasm: Lucky are the woman who achieves powerful orgasm through penetration alone. Good powerful penetration and movements of the other partner can award spine-tingling orgasm. If G-spot is reached and stimulated than a natural vaginal orgasm will happen. So this can happen with male member along or with sex toy included. Sex toys can help reach G-spot as it has a flat head that reaches G-spot easily.
  3. Blended orgasm – Who wouldn’t love to have a knee shivering, toes curling orgasm for half an hour? A woman can experience this, and enjoy sex toy that will help them get there. With the correct toy, you can reach 2 erogenous zones at the same time and achieve the amazing orgasm. With clitoral and vaginal stimulation this could be unforgettable for women. You could either choose a toy that does both or partner the clitoral vibrating toy with penetration.
  4. Multiple orgasms – After a man ejaculates he cannot immediately perform sex, however, women can be ready and wait for more. She is differently wired compared to man. It generally takes longer time for women to reach climax, but she can also enjoy it longer than men. Multiple orgasms are common for women. When it comes to choosing the right type of sex toy for this, vibrating massagers are the best in option. Multiple orgasms involve good planning, foreplay, communication and relaxed body.


Sex toy and material

Depending on the kind of orgasm that is suited you can look into toys made from different material types:

  1. Plastic and ABS vibes – hard, extreme sensation to the G-spot.  Amazing for vaginal orgasms
  2. Silicone vibrators – warm to the touch fast and are soft and silky smooth. It is very sensuous, sexy and lifelike sensations.
  3. Rubber or jelly sex toys – can be fun and enticing, but not always the perfect choice for multiple orgasms.

So this was the basic guide to figure your first step to getting the right toy for you, but for best results, it is important to know your body first. Ask yourself what you need, how long, powerful. Do you need something tiny and discreet, or something to be used with your partner? If you need the toy that supports intercourse – there are sex toys available for anyone and everyone willing to excite the sexual life. Sex toy for sure will never result in disappointment or dissatisfaction


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April 17, 2017

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