Every girl dreams about her wedding day, according to well every fairytale and story we’ve been told since we were kids because that’s what the society wants us to do, grow up, get married and procreate. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with actually getting married, nowadays, there’s a bonus treat and an added responsibility for the bride’s girlfriends. While your BFF is planning her wedding in her head, girl, you should be planning her Hen Party! This is your way to send her off into a married life of happiness and bliss.

To get you started with this planning, we’ve put together a list of ideas to make that night a little bit raunchy and hella memorable! There are some questions you need to answer first.


You could either do it locally at a club or a house party, you could also do a destination venue! Now domestic or international is your call and both can work perfectly fine – we have the beaches whether Goa or Andaman or Pondicherry are all great options. Internationally Dubai, Thailand, and Europe are popular options.


Prepare your guest list and avoid inviting any friends with bad blood incidents. Check with your BFF with all her crazy schedule for the upcoming wedding functions and ensure all the other girls are available too on the same dates. It may be a huge hassle to collate dates with everyone, but it’s important.


A theme. Your party will definitely need a theme so you can plan all the decor, invitations, games and more. There are a million themes to choose from but it could be nice to see if your BFF has some wild fantasy she’s been hiding and make it come true for her (in fun and legal ways).

Now, once all that’s sorted, you can move on to making it raunchy part!


Make sure she knows it’s her party, make sure everyone knows it’s her party. So buy her the sashes, tiaras and special cutlery if need be to make her feel special and also embarrass her a little; it’s her party after all!


Party favors to everyone is a must to add to the fun. Put a little bag together for each bridesmaid with themed accessories to use through the night. Button badges with various designations for the night, whistles, glow in the dark headbands could all be a part of the goodie bag.


Absolutely everything is available to buy now like themed plates, spoons, napkins, drinking cups, everything! The products range from mildly sexual to complete in your face and you get to choose.


Obviously, in India, it may be difficult to find a bakery on every corner that makes erotic cakes, but it’s a requirement for this night. If need be, you must travel a few kilometers for your BFF to get her the most sexually appealing (or revolting, it’s part of the fun) cake the bakers have ever made!


The girls, the booze, the food, the decor, everything is there – but how will you keep the night fun and going? You need to plan games. From buying an inflatable sex doll that could be involved in many naughty activities you girls may plan for this particular night to dares games, from the ring the dick to kiss the dick, there are several options and ideas. You can even invent games of your own, you could quiz the bride about the groom’s dirty secret if you manage to get the correct answers beforehand from the concerned party.


One way of ensuring no gifts get repeated, all the girls could plan them. Then you can wrap all the gifts in a kinky paper, label them with numbers and make the bride guess which one’s from whom.

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