Spanking is an act of another person for sexual arousal of either or both parties. Activities range from spontaneous smack during sex, sexual role-play, discipline and it may involve the use of hands, spanking paddle, cane, etc. Most common type of spanking is administered at bare buttocks. It can be combined with bondage in order to heighten the sexual arousal


If you are going to be spanker observe closely the spankee’s body language and other details like skin sensitivity and fragility. It is normal for the spankee to squirm, flinch, wince or squeal but not normal to panic, struggle, scream or cry. It is an activity for the enjoyment of both, so communicate if you do not wish to engage in one or stop when you sense it is not going right.


It is very important to have a safe word or non-verbal signal that is understood by both parties to bring the act to halt. Even if you engage in light spanking, make sure you both have a signal that communicates to stop


For a successful spanking session, you have to be confident, trustworthy and trusting. If you do not take the health and safety of sub into consideration the relationship will crumble and you are likely to accidently hurt the sub or worse case end up in a medical emergency. At any point of dom or sub is not sure about the act, they should not carry forward with the same. Also, one must take into consideration any pre-existing health risk or chronic pain to avoid accidents.


Your spankees tush is delightfully pink after the session but you can’t just ignore the eight hours of work the next day at the office. Here is some important aftercare for spanked rear.

a. Lotion: Smother that bottom in a good vitamin E body lotion and it will delightfully cool down the tushy. It will also help soften the skin.

b. Aloe: Aloe vera also has a cooling effect and will help soothe all the nasty ‘smarting’ away

c. Warm bubble bath: Sink in the bubble bath and relax that abused rear, it is going to feel a lot better.


Spanking is certainly joyous if you both are into it, but one needs to consider the level of sting suitable for the session. Mentioned below is sting level of spanking with its implements

  • Hands: Gives light splotches 4/10 sting
  • Paddle: Bright patches 6/10 sting
  • Flogger: Many thin welts 9/10 sting

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