Vibrators can tease the clit, rumble the beat of songs and can be quite intimidating at times making women craving for more. All vibrators have one common feature – a motor that is designed to make you cum! No other sex toy can make a woman climax faster and stronger like a vibrator. Hence we refer it to as ‘King of toys.’


Here are vibrators dating guide for you find your ideal match.
Anal & Prostate Vibrators: Made from anal friendly material generally used for anal & prostate stimulation.

Bullet & Egg vibrators: These vibrators are small, discrete and pocket-friendly, easy to carry. Its vibes may not be very strong but enough for clitoral stimulation

G-spot vibrators: This beginner-friendly vibrator makes it easy to find g-spot

Rabbit: It can stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time, it can be expensive but outstanding results make it worth a buy.

Traditional Vibrators: Beginner friendly in nature, perfect for vaginal stimulation, pocket-friendly in nature.

Wand: Its discrete design doesn’t make it look like a toy but it is one of the most powerful tools. It is not designed internal stimulation. Best suits for clitoral stimulation and muscle massage

Prepare: Clean up your toy first, ensure fresh batteries for peak performance. Ensure that you have lube handy nearby. Always use water based lubes with toys so that they last longer and there is no damage to the toy

Role up: Get ready to use, ensure no disturbance for break free experience.

Play: Just like foreplay but this time with yourself, go slow with the vibrator and gradually increase the power, focusing on your hot spots.


  1. For your vibrator to last long and perform clean it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and then wipe it off with a lint-free towel.
  2. Avoid using oil based lubes as silicone on the vibrator can result into a chemical reaction.
  3. Never use rechargeable batteries as they are prone to power fluctuations and can damage the vibrator.
  4. Always prefer water based lube. Store it in dry place


Myth #1: If you can’t orgasm without a vibrator, there’s something wrong with you. 

FALSE. Medical studies have shown that 20% – 25% of women routinely have problems reaching an orgasm. By providing a woman with stronger stimulation as well as targeting multiple erogenous zones at the same time, vibrators can actually “teach” her body how to orgasm. And it becomes easier each time she uses a vibrator until she can finally do it on her own… so to speak.

Myth #2: Vibrators can numb your lady bits. 

TRUE. Most vibrator users will never have this problem, but this can happen if you use your vibrator for an extended period of time or press it too hard against your body. Don’t fear though – the effect is completely temporary. Your lady parts will go back to normal in a few hours after you stop using your vibrator. And you’ll know better the next time you pull out your toy.

Myth #3: Vibrators can ruin regular sex. 
FALSE. Studies show that women who use vibrators are actually more likely to engage in sex than women who don’t. Some doctors even recommend that post-menopausal women use vibrators to boost their sex drive and arousal. Many couples also use vibrators during foreplay and even during sex.

Myth #4: Vibrators can replace your partner. 
FALSE. A vibrator will never be able to make you chicken soup when you’re sick or surprise you with flowers on your birthday. It’s also impossible for vibrators to tie you to the bed, lick you from head to toe or tell you about all the dirty things they want to do to you. Vibrators are amazing at what they do, but they’ll never be able to replace a fun and creative lover.

Myth #5: It’s okay to use rechargeable batteries with vibrators. 
FALSE. Rechargeable batteries are prone to power and voltage fluctuations that can damage your vibrator. Rechargeable batteries might not fit your vibrator correctly either cause water to leak inside. Rechargeable batteries aren’t nearly as strong as regular ones either. If you want to experience your vibrator at it’s best, then save the rechargeable batteries for the TV remote.



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April 17, 2017

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