Sex is uncomfortable affair especially if you are a guy who is not so ‘blessed down under,’ Penis size concern is the biggest sex-related worry Men have. According to a study, more than 30% of people are not satisfied with their penis. Many say size does matter, but the reality is ‘how you actually use it.’ If you are a man with small penis there’s no reason why you can’t have mind-blowing sex every time.

Let us get down to the crux of conversations and get you some of the sex positions that guarantee to make maximum pleasure.

Reverse cowgirl

The guy lies on his back and girl sits on top of him facing opposite direction. It gives full control to the girl to choose the penetration and speed. Reverse cowgirl allows deeper penetration. One can try different variations to this with very less effort. E.g. Women can pick up the pace and swap from knees to the feet like that in squatting. Men here can support her bum and thighs while she is bouncing.

Reclining lotus

Women is lying down by hitching her legs up and positioning the feet on his hips. With the position, you shorten the vaginal canal giving direct access to the play area. The friction also ramps up your clitoral pleasure whilst you’re making out with each other. It is magical position set to guarantee orgasm.


Like any other rear view position, this one too is pretty awesome. You extend your legs in this position for extra deep penetration and extra contact with the clitoris. Women again are lead in the position and take control of the situation.


This one needs no explanation, it is one of the basic sex positions and a go-to position for orgasm for all men. It is great for a guy and for woman G-spot stimulation. With the position, she can squeeze her legs together to shorten the vaginal canal and make deeper penetration. You can also try its variation. The hound position, you are still on all four legs but this time you lower yourself onto your forearm and really push back to your partner as he enters from behind.

The Slide

The man lies on his back, the woman lies on top with her legs together, he penetrates she begins to rub up and down his body. You will have ample pleasure and of course a great opportunity to kiss and caress.

Splitting bamboo

Woman lies on her back and lifts her one leg while the man straddles and sits across the thighs positioning the raised leg onto his shoulder. The position helps hit the G-spot and is great for full on contact.

The Eagle

Woman lie on her back with legs in the air wide apart and the man sits on his knees legs spread. The position allows him to hold her legs up and vary speed and depth of thrusts. It is a great show to watch when your girl climaxes in this position.

Curled angel

Man and woman lie on their sides with male snuggled close to the female. The female draws her leg into her chest for easy penetration from behind. The man has the option to either spoon his legs into partner’s legs or keep it straight. This position narrows vaginal canal and is known for its intense stimulation


Image: IBTimes

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