Adultery is an illicit sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not their spouse. The person is either unmarried or is married to someone else.

Adultery in India is against the law and could be a ground for divorce, The society looks down upon the spouse that has cheated and isolates them. Adultery is growing more common these days, and thanks to the technical advancements, there are more opportunities to deceive. The reason for adultery could be any, but the emotional damage it causes to the spouse that has been cheated on could be irreparable.

If you’re someone who was cheated on by their spouse, try answering these questions before you think of what to do next?

What was the reason behind this adultery?

After being cheated on, you would go in a deep trauma but there would come a time when you have to decide either staying with them, separating, or filing a divorce. In that thought process, try knowing the reason behind their illicit act. Were they emotionally or sexually dissatisfied? Had you ever cheated on them before and was it a revengeful act? Try knowing the reason and you would be able to cope up with this in a better way.

Is it over yet?

Before you take any legal step, notice if there is still any spark left between you and your spouse. Is it really over yet? If you still think your marriage could be repaired or if deep down you know your spouse still loves you, try forgiving them and starting anew.

Do they still care?

If you see that your spouse is terribly sorry for cheating on you, you may want to reconsider this case. If your spouse still cares about you, is overwhelmingly guilty, and would want to rework the marriage, then give them a chance.

Will they cheat again?

Before you forgive, observe their behavioural patterns. You have known your spouse for long and you know if they love you. You can tell if they would cheat on you again because of their behavioral traits. If they have cheated on you once, they might not cheat again; but if they have cheated on you twice, they would surely cheat again.

Once you’ve answered all the above questions and have decided to stay in the marriage and start afresh, read these points to repair your relationship.

Act like you’re a newly wedded couple:

Things are terrible but you want to repair them. Keeping all the pain and regret aside, start acting like you are a newly married couple. Go on dates, put more efforts, surprise them like you used to, and chances are, you might find your lost love again,

Make bedtime a spicy time:

One of the common reasons for adultery is sexual dissatisfaction. Keep your spouse satisfied in bed and indulge in something different like role play, sexy lingerie, sensual massages, quickies, etc from time to time. Try making sex something exciting and not an everyday boring ritual. Spice up your bedtime!

Spend time together with kids:

Spending time together with your kids will remind you of how you were back then as a couple. You would reminisce all the love making sessions and would enjoy repeating that with your spouse. Being with kids will remind you of your importance in their life and that they need you as married parents and not otherwise.

We hope you get a solution for your failing marriage and are able to rework the magic you once had. Comment below to share your own experiences and how it saved your marriage.

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