'One-night stand' could be a foreign term for some, a fetish for others, whereas, a usual practice for the remaining. All of us, at some point in time, have desired to indulge in casual sex sans the emotional drama. We have had fetishes of engaging with strangers or friends and all the "it went with the flow" kind of sexual accidents is more or less your one-night stands.

We might have indulged in casual sex, but talking about it in open is still a taboo. In a land where people are even shy to admit they had sex with their long term partner, admitting having a one-night stand could be done by the gutsy perhaps. In the society we live in, people indulging in casual sex (or even serious sex, for that matter) are looked down upon. The boys are called “fuckboys” and the girls are termed as “sluts” or “easy women”.

With this social stigma, the scenario in metropolitan cities is changing, as you can find both men and women openly looking for casual sex. Go to a night club in top cities and you’ll find strangers exchanging looks and then ending up together in a hotel room or a friend’s empty house. Many people go to these night clubs to mend their hearts, either by going for a quick fling or casual sex. There are even dating applications where a lot of people are looking for a “no strings attached” kind of sex.

It is about the choice of a person to indulge in a one-night stand with strangers you meet in a night club or on a dating site. But keeping the fun aside, you should be careful of whom you’re sharing the bed with. Do a quick inspection of the stranger and by visiting their social media

Do a quick inspection of the stranger and by visiting their social media accounts, cross-check the facts. Before heading out, tell your best friend or someone you trust and provide them with all the necessary information. You can hit the bathroom and quickly message your trusted one regarding the same.

A one-night stand could be a delightful affair, but being extremely cautious comes along with it. The stranger could be sexually appealing but they could also be a molester, a rapist, a kidnapper, a thief, or even worse, a murderer. Always be cautious around them and try to be as sober as possible. Save all the drinking for some other night!

Lastly, all we have to say is, “If you want to go into some heat, don’t forget to cover your meat.” Using the right protection goes without any say. No matter how hot the foreplay gets, always ensure there is a condom on. Wearing a protection will not just prevent unwanted pregnancy but also eliminate any chance of sexually transmitted diseases. If you’re prepared for a one-night stand, carry a condom with you. This goes for girls too. There’s no harm in hitting the local drugstore and carrying a condom in your clutch.

dheeraj Nagrani

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August 30, 2017

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