In a land where Kamasutra was written, India still remains shy to talk about sex. Sex is still considered a taboo for many Indians and even acts of sex shown through contraceptive ads or erotic songs in movies are followed by a display of awkwardness and embarrassment, both for children and parents.

This change in behavior has a lot to do with our upbringing. Our parents have rarely shown acts of intimacy in front of us. We often see in western movies how the parents quickly give a peck on each other’s lips before going for work, but what we see in Indian movies is completely opposite. Parents are shown as strict, awkward characters who hardly display any sort of intimacy; this intimacy is often coupled with shyness. It holds true in our houses as well. Our parents have never kissed in front of us. Even sharing a bedroom with their spouse is awkward for many of them.

Kids here learn at a very later stage that they were born because their parents had had sex, and that learning doesn’t happen until a lesson in Science is taught or luckily if the kid googles it out before that. So for us, sex remains private and something we don’t talk of. Another reason why our upbringing affects the shyness is that we were always asked to stay away from the opposite gender. It remains especially true in the case of girls. Girls are strictly told to stay away from boys, and credits to the society, a girl and a boy together are always recognized as a couple.

In India, wearing short and revealing clothes is considered as a topic to defame a girl. A majority of parents don’t allow their daughter to wear such kind of clothes because they fear a boy would be provoked sexually. Apart from the upbringing and the restrictions put by our parents, the society has to play a major role in making sex a taboo.

Firstly, a boy and a girl roaming together are deemed as a couple having “an affair”. This term is hands-down the most derogatory term used by the society. Due to the societal pressure, even though the parents are open-minded, they still put restrictions on their kids. Because of these restrictions and the deadly, “they’re having an affair” phrase, couples fear hanging out, so getting an opportunity to have sex becomes harder.

Another controversial topic for the society is premarital pregnancy. Though such cases are rare in India or at least, end up in secret abortions, this is one such topic that scares our parents the most. “What if my daughter gets pregnant before marriage? The society will dishonour her. Who will marry her then?”

The society immediately points fingers at couples having premarital sex. A girl in India will usually never talk about her sex life because of the fear of the society. People would deem her to be a “loose” woman and call her names, thus bringing “shame” to the family.

These are various reasons why India, the second most populated country in the world, is still shy to talk about sex. What are your views on this topic? Tell us in the comments below!

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Pooja Pari

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