Which Sex Position Works Best For You?

There is no ‘one’ best position that works with all. Some like to kiss and whisper in their partner’s ears, while some are comfortable when they’re not facing their partner; some love to keep their hands free, whereas others love to take control.

No matter what you love, this list of sex positions will throw some light on what works best with you. These positions could be tried by straight as well as gay couples. If you’re into a lesbian relationship, you would require a strap-on to try these positions.


Missionary position, also known as the man on top, is when the person with the shaft is on top of the person with the hole. The person at the bottom lies on the bed facing the ceiling. The person who is on top faces the person who is lying on the bed.
This is one of the most popular positions as couples here can talk, whisper, and kiss. Most importantly, they can notice the expressions of each other and analyze if they’re enjoying. Couples favor this position because there’s a lot of intimacy involved. Kissing acts like a connection between the two.

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 In this position, the person on top puts their weight on the person on the bottom. This could mean that the one at the bottom could have to face issues if the one on top is heavy. Since the bodies are up close, missionary sex could get sweaty and hot.

Doggy style

If you want to experience penetration on a different level, doggy style should be your favorite sex position.
In this arrangement, the one with the hole goes down on their knees and leans forward to put their weight on the bed. The one with the shaft enters from behind. This position resembles dog-sex and hence the name doggy style.

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The stimulation received is so intense, that the one with the hole travels to some other universe. This position works well with the one with small penis size, as usually, reaching the partner’s g-spot gets easier. The penetration is the deepest in doggy style, so it is one of the favorite positions amongst women. However, since you are unable to see the expressions of your partner, this style could get disconnecting. For the one with a short shaft, this is one of the easiest positions.

Woman on top

In this position, the woman–or the one getting inserted–is on the top, contrary to the missionary sex. The person on the top gets full control of the speed as well as can decide the depth. The one on the top needs to be agile in order to move their body. Since they do not have a shaft, they have to go a little deeper in order to experience pleasure. People with penis/strap-on have to move a little lesser as they have more inches.

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The person on the top has the benefit of stroking their genitals (penis for men and clitoris for women) when in this position. Since the one lying down has their hands free, they can play with their partner’s boobs. As the person on top is in power, they can experience a deeper penetration.

Spooning or Crisscross

In these positions, both the partners are lying next to each other. In crisscross, the one with the hole faces the ceiling, while the other one inserts from the side. This position lets you kiss and play with the tits and the intimacy stays intact. The position keeps the hands free, so you can masturbate or touch your genitals to get more pleasure.

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In the spooning position, the partners are facing in one direction. The one with the shaft inserts from behind. This is a splendid arrangement to play with the boobs or touch your partner’s external genitals.
Couples prefer this position because it is less restrictive as compared to the ‘on-top’ positions.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is when the one with the shaft lies down facing the ceiling, and the one with the hole sits on their partner’s penis/strap-on, facing towards their legs. The one on top takes full control of the speed and depth. Reverse Cowgirl position is similar to the ‘woman on top’ position, just the one on top faces the opposite side.

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The movement could get a little difficult for the person sitting on top. Like doggy style and spooning, you cannot see the expressions of your partner and even kissing them is impossible. The one on the top has an opportunity to stroke their genitals, which acts like an additional stimulation.
No matter how many positions you want to try, both you and your partner should enjoy them. The positions could alter depending on what kind of intercourse you’re having (anal or vaginal). Also, the length of your penis/strap-on and the diameter of your anus/vagina affects the kind of stimulation you would receive.

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