Drunk Sex: Consequences & Safety

Alcohol and sex sound fascinating, but when clubbed together, things could get unsafe, illegal or unwanted. Drunk sex takes people on a different dimension altogether as they are already high and seeing unicorns everywhere.

Gulping down bottles of alcohol could make people less anxious and more relaxed when it comes to sex. When people are drunk, they don’t usually bother about their performance and are less concerned about crossing their limits. They don’t have any emotional awareness either. Alcohol could make people so high that they care less about how their figure is or big or small their organs are!

The booze surely knows techniques to give people a boost, which could lead to horniness in many. Most people when drunk crave for sex and they feel like letting themselves loose. So they just do it–with anyone they meet in the club. There’s no memory of any embarrassing incidences–thanks to the semi-awake consciousness.

No matter how fanciful drunk sex sounds, there’s no doubt that drunk sex brings along a lot of unnecessary chaos–unwanted pregnancies, contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), unintentional cheating on the partner, forcing someone unconsciously, etc.

Alcohol gives you boost but makes it loose

Even though alcohol gives people a boost, it can affect the performance. Men could experience a drop in their erection and women could experience dryness in their vaginas. Overconsumption of alcohol could lead to tiredness for some, which would make them dizzy in bed and also lose their coordination.

Overdrinking (coupled with an empty stomach) could make people throw up like our friend Rob from the movie American Pie: A Book Of Love. And nobody wants to throw up on a hot girl while taking her doggy style!

Weaker Sex

As sex leads to a weaker erection, men could blame it on the condom and unconsciously take it off for better erection. Even the vaginal dryness could tear the condom and expose the genitals. As people are all out when drunk, controlling the consequences in the heat of the moment could get difficult and it would result in unwanted splashes of cum.


Persons having sex without any protection have a higher chance of contracting STDs like AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, etc. Drunk sex could also lead to committing mistakes like hooking up with a stranger or unintentionally cheating on a partner as people are not exactly aware of what is happening around. People could also sleep with their friends, thus making matters more complicated.

Nasty outcomes

Alcohol could make people forget things, or properly put, the brain fails to keep a record of many things when someone is drunk. So people don’t generally know what they’re doing or what they have done last night. The outcomes of drunk sex could be as nasty as someone accusing of rape. Since people are smashed out due to overconsumption of alcohol, chances are, people won’t remember a thing. Even if someone does not forcefully touch someone, the other person could even falsely accuse to avenge something; this happens and we have seen it in news.

As a matter of safety, whenever someone is drunk, make sure to always have a trusted friend close by. Nobody wants to be stewed so much, that they have to be a victim for the rest of their lives. Go out to the parties, have fun, get drunk…but not so much that you are out of your consciousness!

Afreen Malik

Mother of 2, a full-time writer with 3+ years of experience, love to write for IMBesharam.com If you have any opinion/suggestions about my write-ups please share them in comments below

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