Your Sexual Bucket List: Yes, No, Meh

How do you build a sexual bucket list? It's simple, read more to know

How do you build a sexual bucket list? It’s simple. First, make a list of all the sexual things you know of. The list need not be of crazy fetishes alone, but it should be comprehensive enough that lets enhances your sexual satisfaction as you go about experiencing each one of them. You can google out sexual acts or use our list below.
  1. Having anal sex
  2. Making out with a person of the same gender
  3. Having a one-night stand
  4. Going on a blind date (followed by sex)
  5. Having a bisexual group orgy
  6. Indulging in a threesome
  7. Having a foursome
  8. Indulging in roleplay
  9. Making out in park/theatre/jungle
  10. Having bondage sex
  11. Going for a skinny dipping
  12. Candlelight sex with soft music
  13. Inserting a strange object
  14. Using sex toys
  15. Exchanging partners for sex
  16. Having an orgasm-free sex
  17. Trying double penetration
  18. Performing a striptease for partner
  19. Having phone/webcam sex
  20. Giving a sensual massage
  21. Having a shower sex
  22. Masturbating with your partner
  23. Wearing sexy lingerie
  24. Having sex without a condom
  25. Eating food off your partner’s body
  26. Playing stripping games
  27. Having sex on the beach
  28. Licking off chocolate syrup from your partner’s body
  29. Having sex with an older/younger person
  30. Having a quickie in the kitchen
Once you’re done listing at least 30 items, divide the list into three categories:


1. The Yes Category:

From the sexual list, the acts that entice you the most and the ones that you wish to experience put them under this category. Includes the acts that you are comfortable with or turn you on or those that give you ultimate pleasure. The things that support your beliefs also come under this. Lastly, the most loved or your favourite activities should fall under this category as well.


2. The No Category:

There are certain activities you’re dead against, mainly because they are opposing your beliefs. For example, if you don’t like the idea of casual sex, then one-night stands or casual dating would come under this category. Also, those things you’re uncomfortable or shy doing, or those that you don’t enjoy or bring you pain come under this category too.


3. The Meh Category:

Those things you are not aware of come under this category. You would research a little on these and then would decide if they come under the Yes or the No category. Also, those things that you would have done if the situation was different fall here too. For example, something like, “I would have indulged in casual sex, but I am already committed to someone,” is a part of this category.
After you categorize, pick up items from the “Yes” and the comparatively suitable ones from the “Meh” category to make a Sexual Bucket List of your own.
You can give this list to your partner and ask them to make one too. You can use these lists to experiment and please your partner in bed. But most importantly, even if a certain type of sex falls under your partner’s bucket list, you should check their mood and ask their consent first.

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