30 Dirty Phrases to Make Your Partner Crave You

How unexciting would it be to have sex without talking dirty to your partner? Your sexual experience doubles up if you know to use the right words at the right time.

Before we share our list of badass dirty phrases, we tell you why you should be doing it:

1. To build sexual tension:

This is a major reason to keep your partner craving for more, but, ‘what is sexual tension’ is the question. Sexual tension is a sentiment that an individual feels when he/she interacts with someone and gets a sexual desire, but the fulfillment doesn’t happen until a long time. Dirty talk helps in building sexual tension as your partner desires to have sex but cannot immediately do so due to the situation they are in.

2. Making your partner think about you:

Dirty talk works like sexting. Your partner imagines what you would do to them so eventually, they think about you. It’s a sexy way to keep your partner hooked up when you’re away. Slide in a message saying, “Thinking about your boner…” Making your partner crave for you: Imagine you’re in the middle of work and you get a message that reads, “We need to meet post work; dying to have you in my bed.” You would immediately think about your partner and imagine jumping in their bed right away. Dirty talk makes your partner crave you more and more.

4. Enhancing your sexual experience:

Dirty phrases can enhance your sexual experience and take you in seventh heaven while you’re in action. Using phrases like, “Fuck me harder” or “I want it faster, deeper” will swoon your partner.

Now that you know the benefits of dirty talk, you would wonder what would be the right way of doing it.Read below to find tips on when and how to talk dirty.

a. Don’t overdo it:

If you’ve never exchanged naughty one-liners with your partner, then do not go overboard in the start. Go slowly and drop in mild sentences like, “I’m feeling a little lonely; wish you were here with me.” If your partner likes it, go ahead with kinkier sentences next time.

b. Best time to introduce is before sex:

If you’re a little awkward to introduce dirty talk, then the ideal time to do so is right before you have sex. When you two are in bed, about to slip in action, pass on a wicked phrase. If your partner likes it, you can use it hereafter.

c. Know the kink:

Different phrases work at different times, so know when to use which phrase. Additionally, some like it mild whereas some like it extremely dirty. Recognize what your partner likes and use accordingly. Knowing your kink is crucial as well because if you’re loving it, your partner would enjoy too.

Now that you’ve read the Dirty Talk 101, let’s get into our list of dirty talk phrases! We have divided them into three groups — before sex, during sex, and after sex.


Before Sex

  1. It’s sad there are people around, otherwise, I would have fucked you right here.
  2. I feel like tearing your clothes right here in front of everyone and fuck you so hard.
  3. I want to fall on my knees and suck your cock/pussy till my throat dries up.
  4. My favorite number is 69 — how about I share it with you tonight.
  5. I know I’m sounding greedy, but all I want is you at the moment.
  6. I want your dick to meet my pussy tonight (or I want your pussy to meet my dick tonight)
  7. I want you to fuck me so hard that I am unable to walk tomorrow.
  8. Stop looking at me like that…you turn me on.
  9. If you continue looking this sexy, I’ll be wet all the time.
  10. You’re the best sex I have ever had.

During Sex

  1. Treat me like your little doll and spoil me as much as you want
  2. C’mon, faster, faster…yes, just like that…
  3. I want a mouth full of your cum
  4. You like how I ride you?
  5. Pull my hair and make me your horse…C’mon, ride me faster
  6. Yes, yes, just like that…
  7. Ah, don’t stop! You’re making me cum.
  8. I want to taste your orgasm, cum faster, you sexy beast
  9. Punish me, lock me in your arms
  10. Yes! Ah! Feels like heaven…

After Sex

  1. I wish you could stay here and we could fuck forever
  2. I wish your dick was in my pussy till eternity (or I wish my dick was in your pussy till eternity)
  3. Let’s go for round two
  4. Still feeling sore after last night
  5. I can still smell you
  6. Just thinking about you turns me on
  7. I’m supposed to be working, but all I am imagining is you and me on my bed
  8. I can still feel your body swinging on me
  9. I am unable to walk…look what you’ve done to me!
  10. I would like to repeat it tonight


Depending on what works best with you and your partner, use these phrases coupled with additional support on the basis of the situation, mood, and the preferences and we’re sure it’ll make your partner want you more and more.

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