Surprised! Shocked!! Sex is not only about penetration. We live in a society where "sex" means intercourse, but that is not true, there are various techniques with which one can enjoy sex, pleasure, and orgasm without having to go through with penetration. In fact, lots of people need different kinds of sexual tough to enjoy sex.

Here are 4 techniques that can try and enjoy the awesome sex that doesn’t involve putting anything anywhere.

Dirty Whispers

Wet kisses on the neck and warm breaths on ears do send a shiver down the spine, it is often used as an initial step to turn someone on.  Whispering and breathing in someone’s ear can feel really nice to some, it is a great way of communicating, whispering how good it feels, how sexy they are, or asking where they would like to be touched can be very sexy.

Tip: It is not the most famous technique and not every one clings to it, if you are starter, you can go for show talks in ears, breathing around neck and ear, wetting the ear (don’t over do it)

Love Bites

Sometimes people like to be bitten or to bite their partner on the chest, neck shoulder, earlobe, etc. It can be really hot for few, while others would hate it. So it might be ideal to not surprise your partner with it, probably you can simply ask them if they would like to be bitten. You can ask, “do you like love bites?” “can I lick your nipples?” “can you be gentle with my neck please?”

Tip: You don’t need to bite the flesh out of someone, you might want to ask when giving love bites because it leaves marks which last couple of days. It can be embarrassing covering it up. So people prefer to say below the neckline not above.


Dry humping, rubbing and grinding are some of the techniques that if not everyone most of us would have done in our late teens, the kind that takes place when both partners are either fully or partially dressed. Grinding is also something you can do naked, but remember to keep it safe you might want to keep your genitals away from each other or wear pants or wear condoms.

The beauty of this is that it’s exciting because there is no pressure to perform, no worries about birth control and a rare opportunity for both you and your partner to get off at the same time from the same act.

Tip: Be aware of the fabric that you or your partner is wearing when doing this, a rough fabric stroking over your body can actually be harsh to the skin and a big turn off.


Some people like to be licked at not only the ‘erogenous zones’: breasts, neck, mouth, genitals, blah blah but also some non-erogenous zones like back, wrist. The trick is to try and touch it the different way, sometimes light sometimes hard. It could be mulling wine over each other and licking it up or an ice cream or even an ice-cube but never inside anyone and be very careful around the genitals.

Tip: Some people have really sensitive nipples and any action around that regions can make them squirm. One can start by kissing and licking around nipples and then sucking them.

While the tips shared above are good to warm yourself up, our next post will take you for the joy ride and will be orgasm filled. Stay tuned and check back here again.

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Ratisha Das

Hi, I am Ratisha, and I am gay, I love to write about Sex and Liberation, a strong believer in "Live & Let Live. You can share your opinion about my writing in the comments below and I will try to attend all the comments

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