Whether you're looking for bigger and lasting orgasms or just want to feel and experience some tantalizing vibrations or just want to spice up your sex life, we've rounded up some of the best sex toys and vibrators in 2017. By the time you're done reading, you'd be ready to find different ways to experience or heighten the ultimate sexual pleasures.

Fleshlight Go Mini Masturbator

When you’re alone and feel like jerking off, a masturbator is what you need. Imitating the feel of a vagina, a male masturbator is a toy you can use anywhere. ⠀ Fleshlight GO! is a compact male masturbator, which is light and discreet, making it easier to use anywhere, anytime and with a single hand. Its cover is made from the patented SuperSkin material, which ensures a lifelike experience. Available in three variants–Pink Pussy, Pink Butt, and Torque Ice–this male masturbator is suitable for all types. Buy this here


Aneros Eupho Male G Spot Massager

If you want to experience a pleasureful prostate stimulation, then a male g-spot massager is the right toy for you. With no batteries or vibrations, this intricate device gives you a maximum g-spot stimulation. The Aneros Eupho Male G-Spot Massager transforms the body’s energy into delightful sensations. The mechanism is simple but extremely effective. With this, a man can achieve continuous full-body orgasms that were previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. Buy this here


Rock Off Hand Solo Masturbator

Sometimes, hiding a sex toy can become a challenge. A male hand masturbator dismisses all these worries as it is discreet and can be used single-handedly. Just wear it on your hand and stroke your shaft as you experience ultimate pleasure. The Rocks-Off Hand Solo Masturbator provides a pure palm-based pleasure, as its unique sleeve is made with textured inner shapes. It fits all sizes and by using your firm grip will give you a long lasting sensation. latest #RocksOff products available in India on IMbesharam. Buy this here


Kiroo Onyx with Fleshlight

When in a long distance relationship, it is apparent to miss your partner. What you miss the most are the moments you spent in bed. With the 21st-century sex toy, you can now experience your partner’s vagina as the next generation toy uses a two-way online communication. The Kiiroo Onyx with Fleshlight skin has rings that contract in a way that mimics the movements of your partner. There are two modes to choose from: automatic and manual. You can operate the touch panel or use Bluetooth connectivity to exchange data with your partner. Shop it and have a long distance fun. Buy this here


50 shades of grey vibrating Love C-ring

What’s better than a c-ring? A c-ring that vibrates. A fluttering ring doesn’t just give a long-lasting erection, but an enhancement in penis size coupled with a sensational feel. This sex toy can be used solo as well as when you’re in the action. ⠀
The Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrating Love C-Ring provides vibration to you and your partner, thus multiplying your sex by infinity. Waterproof, soft, and packed with power, this stretchy ring can be used for wet shower sex. The ring stretches to accommodate your girth to enhance the look and feel of the erection and delaying the climax so you can enjoy longer-lasting lovemaking together. Buy this here


Bodywand Mini Massager W Rhinestones (Neon Edition)

An elegant, luxurious vibrator is what every girl needs. Fun to use and carry around, make masturbation a fancy affair!⠀
The Bodywand Mini Massager is brightly hued and easy to use. This rhinestone-studded massager comes in four strikingly good colors that give a soft stimulation to your clitoris. The dramatically flexible head enables to please every spot you choose. Buy this here 


Lovehoney Sqweel Go

Don’t you love it when a sex toy can please all your favourite spots–clitoris, anus, and nipples–with its continuous rhythm? It’s even better when it’s compact and leaves an impression of someone licking! The Sqweel Go by Lovehoney is equipped with a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues that gives you a long-lasting oral pleasure. Use it wherever you like to be licked! Carry it in the palm of your hand and use it anytime, anywhere. Buy this here


Rock Off Ass-Berries Vibrating Plug

To take your pleasure a step higher, use a vibrating anal plug. You can insert it solo or with a partner to experience double penetration. The Rocks-Off Ass-Berries are your trusted back door partners. These delicious plugs are of perfect size and give an intense pleasure. There are seven functions in the vibration so you can choose the level of wildness every night! The silicon body coupled with a sensual texture spices up bedroom time. Buy this here



Nothing like a vibrating dildo that stimulates your clitoris along. This sex toy provides a perfect mix of pleasure by enabling vaginal and clitoral climax at one go. The Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator combines silky silicone with 36 possible vibration combinations that deliver incredible orgasms. This USB rechargeable, waterproof and travel-friendly vibrator should be your pick every time you miss your partner. Buy this here


Kiroo Pearl with Fleshlight

An ally of the Kiiroo Onyx male toy, this is the female version for those in a long distance relationship. This 21st-century teledildonic vibrator allows you to control your partner’s device using a two-way online communication. The Kiiroo Pearl has a powerful motor, a sensual curve, and a soft silicone coating that will hit all the right spots while making your partner beg for more. You’re paired with your partner, and the device then fosters real intimacy. So connect your Pearl to your partner’s Onyx over the Kiiroo platform and enjoy being in control of your partner’s as well as your own pleasure! Buy this here

So we believe this list would have got you all exciting. Have you made your pick? If not you can start chose to start with a random and we guarantee the following reaction… I’m feelin’ myself, feelin’ myself, feelin’ my…


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