How to naturally increase the penis size?

Bigger, Longer, slightly longer, every man secretly desire to add some cms to the size of their penis. Many men believe that when it comes to penis, Size Does Matters. Each day, people log on to the internet looking for answers to questions related to penis sizes. Some want to know "If Women prefer men with larger penis over men with smaller?" "Can longer penis help women orgasm?" "What are the side-effects of Penis Enlargement medications?" "How To Naturally Increase The Penis Size?" Yes, you read the last question right. There are natural ways with which you can increase the size of your penis. Here is a comprehensive guide how you can go about it.

Smoking can cause damages to the erectile tissue, which makes the tissue less elastic. The lesser the elasticity, the worse the erection. Penis erection happens when your arteries relax, thus allowing blood to flow through. Smoking hinders the blood flow as tiny particles from the cigarettes block the arteries.


Exercising regularly does not just help you reduce fat but it also enables the process of penis enlargement. When you exercise, the arteries clear up, thus allowing the flow of blood to your penis. ⠀
There are a couple of exercises like jelq designed especially for the penis. These exercises involve stretching and expanding the tissue. Further, eat fruits and vegetables because they are rich in antioxidants that help in keeping the arteries open. Food that is high in fats and calories is not only bad for the heart but also for the penis size. Fatty food increases cholesterol in the arteries, thus blocking the flow of blood to your penis. So reduce the intake of junk food and instead go for bananas, broccoli, salmon, dark chocolate, honey, onions, and eggs.⠀


Stress and anxiety have many adverse effects on your body, including your penis. The arteries around your penis are surrounded by muscle tissues, so when you stress out, these muscles contract. This contraction leads to the compression of arteries, thus reducing the blood inflow to your penis. So relax your mind before sex and experience a larger penis.⠀
How many times have you experienced a shrink in your penis size in winters? When the weather is cold, your blood vessels compress, thus reducing the flow of blood to your penis. Due to this, your penis appears smaller. In order to beat that, before sex, take a warm bath. Warmth in cold weather relaxes your mind and further helps the blood inflow to your penis.


Penis pumps are plastic tubes that provide partial vacuum to the penis. The vacuum brings in more blood to the penis, thus improving the blood flow. When the penis gets more blood, it stands erect for a longer time and gives a boost to its size. ⠀
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These doughnut-like rings help in keeping your shaft erect for a longer time. Not just this, they also provide a boost to your penis. A penis, no matter if flaccid or erect, has blood flowing in and out. By wearing a ring on the base of your penis, the outflow of blood is stopped thus keep the penis erect for a longer time. Shop our Screaming O RingO cock rings that are sure to uplift your penis along with her mood.


So now you know that your willy can go further north without having to pop any pills, go under the knife. This was our informative guide where we have summarized the best, natural and safest ways that help you make your dick bigger.

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November 21, 2017
November 25, 2017

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