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Men who are in relationships have often faced problems with porn. When asked about it, they often lie to their partner. There is nothing wrong with it, watching porn does not necessarily affect your relationship. But women tend to be irritated and pissed when they are told that their guy is watching porn.

There are many reasons why men choose to watch porn. It is not necessarily due to lack of sex or due to lack of sex in a relationship. It is just that they have this inner thing. They watch porn to somehow satiate their inner call of having sex with different partners. It is just a stimulus to their mind which excites them. In a way, it is good that they get this fantasy fulfilled watching porn than getting out with someone else.
Some old-school women have a notion that watching porn is a bad thing, and it is the same behind masturbation. But this isn’t true. Men usually are aroused easily. They would be in for sex almost any time, a trait that humans carry always. It is this easy arousal and porn on the internet which is at their disposal, making them more inclined to watching porn.
There are many who watch porn, and it doesn’t interfere with their daily lives. There should not be any kind of infidelity when it comes to porn. As long as he is with you and he is sexually active with you, what’s the worry?

Why do men watch porn?

He is bored maybe…

Sometimes it is just pure boredom that leads a man to watch porn. This isn’t a proper reason, but yes a reality. Maybe when even you get something free and easy, you would like that as well.

Maybe because he is just sexually excited…

Another common thing, he might be just pure horny. Men would want a quick release and what is a better way than watching porn. Also maybe it is usually when no one is around, not even you.

Maybe it is because he thinks it is what all men do…

It is a normal thing for all men to watch porn. Sometimes they feel if they don’t watch porn, they might be suffering from some problem. He might be doing it because of a random herd mentality.

Maybe because porn offers a lot of variety

There is something new that he sees every time. There is so much out there on the internet that one can always be craving for more (But you need to remember that it is virtual). And masturbation doesn’t lead to making babies. Also, it does not lead to cheating the partner nor does it have anything to do with feelings.

It is a no stress deal…

It reduces stress and that too without having to worry about anything. It makes him release his pent-up sexual energy without much effort. He lives his fantasies in a safe manner. This may be a weird thing for you, but it is normal. Men usually get caught up with the same kind of sex every time.

Though ideally, they should be encouraged to try new things by you. But porn is a safer option, that’s why men opt for it, there might be some new options for you to explore next time.
Watching porn is a personal choice. You can try that too. There is nothing wrong with it. The only exception is if it gets in the way of a normal life.

When porn takes a wrong turn…

Addiction is messy

Watching porn is a messy thing when it becomes a daily ritual. When it starts interfering with daily life, it gets a bit too much. Any addiction is bad. When you need something daily, it is a habit hard to break.
After a while, it might not be interesting to him at all, but he will still watch it. It gets grosser when more graphic porn is required for longer stretches. It gets scary when a man is acting weirdly after not being satisfied with watching porn.

He is less inclined towards you

Porn is fine but when in moderation. It becomes a problem when he starts losing interest in you. You need to talk to your man if you start feeling left out.
There might be times when his demands might be scary, something that you both have never tried in bed. It may be time for some therapy.

When he starts getting extreme fetishes

At times it so happens that after a porn-overload, men need extreme porn to get aroused. Which gradually start affecting your sex life as well. They slowly start developing ideas in their mind and become numb to the usual sex.

When it gets too much

Men are sometimes unable to reach orgasm because they are watching a lot of porn. It is a bit psychological, when they watch porn they are rewarded with an orgasm. Their brain is conditioned in a way, where only their kind of porn might satiate them.

It is one thing to just watch porn and another when it becomes a habit. If it is just another thing for him to watch porn and exit it is okay. But it needs to be taken care of, if it becomes the only way to orgasm.

I hope this demystifies all the queries that women have, about why men have sex, if you have suggestions or questions please share in comments below, if you liked what you read, you can share this post and also buy your husband/boyfriend some toys for personal pleasure here

Rahul P

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December 12, 2017

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