Love v/s Lust – Differences you should know

The thin line of difference between love and lust can often be confusing. It can also be frustrating for some when they are in a confused state, or whether it is love or lust.

Have you ever questioned yourself? Do you love your partner or just long for the physical fulfillment? This question should be answered easily by knowing these interesting differences…

  • Lust is more about physical fulfillment:

The more you think about a person does not mean you love him/her. It may also be because you just want to be physically involved with the person. You have hormones that trigger such feelings. It need not be loved always. Lust is difficult to identify, but when you do know it, it is fun to execute the pleasure you derive from it.

  • You need not like the person:

It is not a necessary thing that one may like the person they think about having physical involvement with. Sometimes the person is on your mind due to other reasons. Knowing the difference between this helps to not be obsessed with that particular person.

  • Lust does not require friendship:

When in love you need to know the person. But when it is lust, you need not know the person fully. The more unknown the person is, the more the excitement. The more tantalizing the person is, the more it will keep you engaged into it.

  • Lust ends and so does love, but there’s a catch to it:

Memories are something that we all have, be it loved ones or be it lusty conversations. There is a difference between love memories and lust memories. You would not bother much about losing a partner who you are involved due to lust, but you might suffer a traumatic blow if your lover goes away.

  • Love is more about emotions than only being physical:

When in love, you will be more connected to your partner with emotions. When lust would only instill physical thoughts, love is more complex.

  • You tend to care more, when in love:

The difference between love and lust is very clear when you know you care more about the person. The thin line becomes clearer when one does not get affected when a person is not paying attention or giving enough time. Relations procured with lust do not need maintenance, but love relations do.

  • Love and lust can be a duo you wish for:

When they both – love and lust combine, the experience is mind-boggling. One feels different and sexual fulfillment is heightened when they both are together. There is need to have these two as a super duo to your life!

Though the line is very blurred, you need to know what you consider love and what you consider lust, because if confused these can lead to disastrous results. One needs to be careful when to choose what.

Ratisha Das

Hi, I am Ratisha, and I am gay, I love to write about Sex and Liberation, a strong believer in "Live & Let Live. You can share your opinion about my writing in the comments below and I will try to attend all the comments

December 12, 2017

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