The Urge to Please- A Beginners Guide to Submission

The Urge to Please- A Beginners Guide to Submission

The idea of being a submissive can be daunting, but for some of us out there who have the submissive mindset, it is a blissful experience.

The ultimate fantasy of being held down, spanked, being ordered around or being pressurized to perform sexual acts can be very thrilling. Being a submissive does not mean that you give in to your dominants wishes, it is much more than that. Your willingness to accept to bow down and give the power to your dominant is a huge step and does not make you weak, in fact, makes you powerful in the eyes of your dominant.

A submissive is a person who willingly submits to their partner’s control, to satisfy his or her sexual urges. If you fall into this category, you aren’t alone and there is nothing weird or taboo about it. In fact, being a submissive is a common sexual fantasy that both men and women possess and brings you to a position of equal power in your relationship. If you have just realized that you are a submissive, there are a few things you must know. is here to assist and prepare you before you indulge.


So, you’ve decided that you enjoy being a submissive? Well, the first step before you get handcuffed and be put at the mercy of another, educate yourself on all the things about being a submissive. There are excellent books available about dominance and submission and many online forums that talk about the same. There are other ways to educate yourself, like the ‘munch’ Basically, it is casual gathering for people who are into BDSM and a great way to connect with already experienced individuals.


How can you really say if you are true submissive? A true submissive is someone who desires or feels the need to please someone who is dominating and overpowering in the bedroom. But a submissive does not necessarily have to agree with anything and everything that a dominant tells them to do and that’s what gives them the power. Always remember that this act must be consensual and that a submissive cannot be forced into doing anything. Also, there are levels of submission. Sometimes couples use dominance and submission just as an act to spice up their sex lives but the ones that follow it full time are hardcore players in this game. Full-time submissive’s want their dominants to have control over them in all areas of life.


It is very important for the people involved in a sub-dom relationship to know their limits and communicate with each other. There are many things that might make you cringe, but don’t let them tell you otherwise. Be firm on what you want in an act, because you are equally into it and have a say. Communication is another thing which is highly important in this relationship. You cannot afford to be shy in front of your dominant, speak out your likes and dislikes, or else it can affect your safety and mental health.


Always take the time to understand what is safe and what isn’t. This is a practice both the dominant and the submissive must indulge in, because safety comes first, no matter how kinky you are. Learn how to properly use the equipment or there may be an element of danger or potential harm to either of the partners.



Now that you’re ready to take a step into the world of dominance and submission, you need to know how to separate fantasy from reality. Maintain your self-respect and never let your dominants words and actions get to you because it is just a sexual act in the bedroom and not your reality. Of course, if you communicate with your partner and talk things out, there is nothing to worry about.

If you have decided to indulge in your fantasies to become a submissive, these tips will come in useful. Learn to have fun with the act, but at the same time always look for your safety first. Don’t forget to visit to look at our range of equipment that you and your partner can use and have fun with.

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January 19, 2018

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