The Duality of Pain

The Duality of Pain

The connection between pain and pleasure in human sexuality is complex. It is not unusual for people to run away or close to situations that will bring pain and grief. People don’t understand BDSM as they are not able to relate pain with pleasure. Leaders of the BDSM community say that people who have such sexual practices have highly divergent sexual desires and like pain and use it to sexually pleasure themselves.


You don’t have to be a hardcore masochist to understand that pain and pleasure can be felt simultaneously. You can think of it as a delicious meal filled with spicy peppers or even that crunching pain when you are running that last lap. Just because the meal had spicy peppers, it didn’t stop you from enjoying it and that last lap felt could, even if it hurt a little. Sexual pain can be looked upon the same way.


We have a very ancient and highly interconnected pleasure circuit in our brains. When neurons in the brain region become electrically active, it triggers the release of dopamine in our body in a structure called nucleus accumbens that brings out the feeling of pleasure from both our vices and our virtues. The theory is also thought of to explain why we enjoy other unpleasant experiences, like sad movies and roller coasters.


Given our human structure and biology, it is not surprising that combining sexual techniques to pain has been a very ancient practice. Ancient tribal drawing, the Kamasutra, and other old records show that BDSM was always learned and practiced. Pain is just another sensation like every other, associating it with pleasure is one of the interpretations. The give and take of pain is usually confused with a dominant-submissive relationship. Sadomasochism involves the give and take of pain, where one of them is the sadist who is the giver of the pain and the other is the masochist who receives the pain. The most important thing to know in this relationship is that the entire act is done with mutual consent, everyone in the act wants to do this and have put precautions in place. With that said, the couple draws each other’s energy, responses, and reactions to build a dramatic scene where all the pain eventually turns into intense pleasure.

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Loving someone emotionally creates the same pain and pleasure experience. Exploring the element of pain and turning it into pleasure increases the intimacy and trust between the partners. Self-discovery and enjoyment is something that enlightens the couple to indulge even more and take it a level up. At we support Sadomasochism and are concerned about your safety. Visit our website to shop from a range of products that will spice up your bedroom adventures.

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