Female Body Hair – Why A Huge Concern?

From waxing to shaving and epilating to removal creams, there are numerous hair removal techniques for women. In every ads or commercial, women are depicted with clean and hair-less legs and hands. Women are expected to stay beautiful, young, and flawless. People feel disgusted when they see women with hairy hands or legs or armpits. People assume that removing body hair and facial hair is mandatory for all women. Their beauty is decided based on the beauty norms.

On the other hand, men flaunt their chest hair and long hairy legs. They are not subjected to the beauty norms because these weird rules and norms are just for women at least this is what they think. Men don’t have to go through this painful process of removing hair because there are no unrealistic expectations from men and their looks. They are free to do whatever and whenever. This drive for women to live this way is deep-rooted in the structure of patriarchal society.

Even many women today have become accustomed to these norms and they feel obligated to live up to them. However, there is nothing wrong with shaving and removing body hair but the main concern is that female with hair on their body are seen as a taboo in many societies till now. The fashion industry today promotes weird societal beauty standards and women have to live up to them. For instance, if a woman in a sleeveless dress walks out on the street and you see that she hasn’t shaved her armpits then you instantly think of it as gross and filthy.

Women are expected to be hairless all the time which is literally not possible because hair is a natural part of our body and it grows. There should not be any stigma attached to it. On the other hand, men are free from such policing and it is acceptable if they have facial or body hair. However, women cannot skip the society’s policing in terms of weight, hair, clothes, looks, etc. If they go against these norms then they are insulted and shamed. Disgust and cringing are normal reactions that women get if they expose hair. They are even called ‘Unwanted hair’, there is nothing unwanted about hair and it shouldn’t be labeled such.


If you have facial hair or if you face a syndrome in which you get abnormal body hair then it is common to get judged and attacked by others. They are called weird names like gorilla, monkey, hairy, etc. People constantly impose their opinion about hair on others. Women are pressurized and scrutinized if they have hair and it leads to decreased self-esteem and bad mental health. Whether it’s a unibrow, chin hair, upper lip hair, or hair at private parts, people constantly expect women to shave all of them. People make fun of others when they see unusual hair on someone. They are subjected to feel ashamed of it. Other people constantly look at them weirdly and they always receive advice to get a wax.


Why has it been such a big issue in the society? The same hair which is acceptable in the men’s body becomes unacceptable on women’s body? It is all because of the mentality and perception of people and society. Women should have complete freedom to choose whether they want to grow their body hair or not, it should be their choice to wax it off or not. Any beauty standards that are seen normal by the society shouldn’t become mandatory for other people who don’t like it. Women should reject such beauty standards and many millennials can be seen setting new trends revolving around body hair. New trends like glitter armpit, bikini hair design, and many such other facial and body hair trends have become more and more popular. Probably, we will be able to see a major change in this area in future.


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