Common Psychological reasons for Erectile Dysfunction- How can you overcome it?

Common Psychological Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Is erectile dysfunction is creating trouble in your relationship? Is it making you psychologically burdened with the feeling of guilt and shame? Well, also known as sexual performance anxiety, Psychological impotence is one of the more common forms of impotence among men, especially middle-aged or senior-aged men. It is one such problem which is guaranteed to affect men at least once in their lifetime.

Psychological Erectile dysfunction afflicts one in every four men. But you don’t have to be the one among them. With the help of right treatment, you can easily overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Below we are listing the most common psychological reasons that cause erectile dysfunction in men:

Performance Anxiety:

Performance Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading causes of psychological erectile dysfunction in men. Sometimes a man gets filled with so much anxiety about his ability to be a man that it eventually leads to failure to perform the way he wants to. Performance anxiety frequently occurs when a man experiences ED, which leads him to face problems achieving erections.




It is a known fact that nobody can ignore stress. Whether it is related to work, financial strain or worries about life, our brain deals with stress every then and now. It is also one of the factors that affect the sexual performance of men and causes psychological erectile dysfunction. According to experts, when in stress, the activity in the section of our brain which manages arousal starts to decrease, which in turn causes ED.



Depression is known to affect all aspects of life. It does not only make you feel pessimistic about life, low on energy but also makes it extremely difficult for men to achieve the erection. But to treat the problem, it is of utmost importance to find the symptoms of depression first. Some of the common symptoms of depression are low self-esteem, fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, disturbed eating patterns etc.

Fear of failure:

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is one of the types of performance anxiety. It is the kind of fear that causes problems like psychological impotence in men, which is a form of self-fulfilling prophecy. In this type of anxiety, a person faces difficulties to stay erect because of the embarrassing experiences of erectile dysfunction in the past.

Pornography addiction:

Pornography addiction

Yes, all those men who masturbate often and are addicted to pornography are more likely to face the problem of psychological erectile dysfunction. Many research and studies also revealed that masturbating also causes psychological impotence. Once a person gets habitual of pornography, it becomes really difficult to get sexual arousal without it.

Trouble in relationships:

Trouble in relationships

If you are facing trouble in your personal relationship, then it is quite obvious that you will not feel intimate towards your partner. When things are not smooth in the relationship; almost every man faces difficulties in getting the arousal, which is one of the signs of psychological impotence.


How to overcome the problem of psychological erectile dysfunction?

Take a help of Therapist:

Many people think that the problem of erectile dysfunction is a private issue. They feel embarrassed and avoid seeking help. But consulting a therapist or doctor is undoubtedly the best way to treat the problem as he will suggest you the right treatment to improve your sexual performance.

Talk to your partner

Rather than hiding the issue, it is always best to talk to your partner about it. Discuss the problem with your partner as it will make her understand and she will surely support you and help you to treat the problem.

Use herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are the best way to cure psychological erectile dysfunction, whatever be the reason. Supplements like Ginseng extract and Tribulus Terrestris are some of the most commonly used herbs used to treat psychological impotence. These herbs are highly effective in boosting the testosterone level in men and works wonder in treating psychological ED.

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