As a sex writer, I have written a lot about orgasms, positions for short penis, etc. But here is something that I haven't spoken much off, Deep penetration. Here is a spoiler alert, Deep penetration is not something that all women desire,  some adore it and need it to orgasm while some absolutely hate it.

In this blog, we will read about 7 positions that give amazing stimulation with deep penetration, but before we get to discuss the actual position, we need to understand basics to make sure you understand why it can be super pleasurable for some, but painful for others.

At the back of the vagina, is a “deep spot” known as anterior fornix. It is located right above cervix. Having men stimulate it is certainly pleasurable during deep penetration sex, but if not done right or if the penis accidentally hits the cervix – it can be extremely painful. This is probably the most important thing to be aware of during deep penetrative sex.

  • When trying a new position, the angle of entry of penis changes, hence the amount of pressure he would be putting on your cervix and deep spot changes, be careful when you are getting into new position.
  • Communicate with your partner, if you are changing position, its hurting or you do not want it at all. This will save you from the medical emergency.
  • You might have to be experimental to figure which of these works for you
  • Make sure to be lubricated enough

Now that we have reviewed all precautions, let’s discuss some of my favorite deep penetration positions. The key with each of these deep penetration sex positions is making sure that you start nice and slowly

The Magic Mountain:

The Magic Mountain Sex Position

This hot love making position will make all your fantasies come true. All you need to do is to take 2-3 pillows and make your partner kneel over them and then you go inside her from behind. The feeling of your bodies being so close will also intensify things and you will surely enjoy a perfect sex.

Doggy Style:

Doggy Style Sex Position

This is one of the easiest positions to pull off as it allows your woman to relax while you can do all the work. This orgasmic position allows pretty deep penetration, but most importantly provides you the opportunity to stimulate her G-spot with your penis during the time of intercourse. To spice up this position more, you can also use your hands to play with her nipples or clitoris.

Girl on Top:

Girl on Top Sex Position

Woman on top position provides your girl the liberty to position herself in order to get the utmost pleasure. This will also help her in controlling the rhythm, angle of elevation and depth, which is absolutely amazing as it will allow her to have as many orgasms as possible. This position will also make your penis play with her G-Spot to enjoy better sex.

Swivel and Grind:

Swivel and Grind Sex Position

What most of the men fails to understand, is that sex is not just about moving in and out. To achieve a perfect climax, you need to make out the best from the positions you try. So rather than moving in and out, try grinding movements with the help of your hips or ‘swivel and grind motions’ to target all her pleasure spots.

The Splitting Bamboo: 

The Splitting Bamboo Sex Position

This is definitely a must try sex position for men with small size. Let your partner lie down on the bed and lift one of her legs and put it on your shoulder. This will allow you to reach the right spot to give her all the pleasure. The deeper you will penetrate, the easier it will for your girl to get the orgasm. Trying out this position with your partner will definitely blow her away and will make her hooked on you for good.

The Eagle: 

The Eagle Sex Position

In this position, the girl forms a V-shape with her legs in the air while lying on the bed or couch. The man then enters her in the same position while holding her legs with his hands. This allows great thrusting and good penetration; help you both enjoy a great orgasm.

Modified Missionary:

Modified Missionary Sex Position

Missionary position is one of the most preferred sex positions among couples. This position is not only comfortable but also allows your bodies to come close to experience good stimulation. The best way to modify the missionary position for better results is by wedging a pillow under your partner’s back. This will definitely help you maximize penetration as your penis will straight stimulate her clitoris and will make her orgasm.


No matter what your penis size is, trying out these sex-positions will surely help you enjoy a great sex with your partner. Trying out new orgasmic sex position also strengthens your bonding and works wonders in spicing up your sex life.

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Pooja Pari

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