Top Handsfree Male Masturbator

Top Handsfree Male Masturbator

Masturbation makes your arms sore, pains and makes them numb? Have you have experienced this phenomenon or heard your friends complained about it? Most times, one of our arm is pumped up due to too much masturbation or at times one arm aches because of excessive masturbation. Many individuals are forced to stop mid-way due to the numbness and lose everything that they’ve build up.

While masturbators help the cause to some extent by helping you to build up the excitement a bit faster. Sadly, they don’t help in relieving arm numbness. Pleasure is a serious business and there are a few adult products companies that have taken the effort to address this concern. Brands like AutoBlow 2, Kirroo, Hot Octopus are some of the top brands that have introduced some serious and exciting automated male masturbators that allow you to experience hands-free masturbation. is the official resellers of these brands in India and Indian men can comfortably order these premium toys and enjoy them to make their masturbation routine more exciting. Today, we list the top toys that will help you just sit back and enjoy hands-free masturbation.


AutoBlow 2 – The Best BlowJob Machine

The first to feature on the list is the cool and exciting automated male masturbator that is designed to give you more than just a hands-free masturbation, enjoy a blowjob. Say again! Yes, you read that right. A toy that lets you enjoy a blowjob experience that is so close to the real. Autoblow 2 gives your arm a rest and help you release some load. The Autoblow 2 has two spring bead rings inside that encircle your penis and move back and forth as you push on the button. The changeable sleeve is designed to give you the authentic feel of a wet mouth. Once the device is turned on, you can experience full four inches of boning. With this device you need no thrusting, no effort required. Just lube up, slip in and set the speed that you want, you can also increase it midway.

This device essentially lets you enjoy a blowjob without having to cajole your partner for it and doesn’t get tired.

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Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx 2, takes the experience of hands-free masturbation experience to the next level. This masturbator by Kiiroo is seriously high on tech but is totally discreet. It’s simple, yet chic-looking design will instantly make its onlooker mesmerize. The device is finished in a matte black encasing with a glossy finish around the touchpad. The overall design makes the user feel that this product is an extremely high-quality. Onyx 2 is designed for both solos as well as couple play. You can make it interactive by having your partner control the simulation. You don’t need to be stroking it or moving it on your penis. The textured sleeve by Fleshlight and the 10 inner rings contract rhythmically to create this feeling of an auto masturbator.

P.S. The Kiiroo Onyx also even has an online platform.

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Hot Octopuss Pulse III

This newest kid on the block means serious business when it comes to hands-free masturbation. This is a kind of revolutionary male masturbator and it is maybe the only device that uses the oscillation technology to deliver lasting sensations to male organs. This device comes in two variants, the Pulse III solo and Pulse III Duo. The distinguishing feature of the duo is the vibrating underpad that can be used during foreplay. The underpad is designed to simulate both man’s and his partner’s genitals. What makes this device unique is the many ways in which one can use it. Pulse III can be used on a completely flaccid penis and receive smooth sensations generated from the oscillating motor or one can power it off, apply some lube and use it as a regular masturbator.

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While there are many other toys on the market, we are proud to present these few compelling toys from the most trusted brands worldwide. IMBesharam follows a stringent quality control and testing procedure before an item is put on sale on the website. So, what is your favourite pick? Tell us in the comments.


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