Why is orgasm difficult for women?

Why Is Orgasm Difficult for Women?

Climaxing and reaching orgasm isn't so easy for most women. Many psychological factors can affect a women's ability to reach climax and to overcome these obstacles you first need to identify them.

Solution for Woman’s Stress


Certainly the most obvious one, sexual arousal is difficult if one is experiencing stress. Women usually stress about work, kids, relationship, and everything else.


Stress is a part of modern lives and we need to come to terms with it. You need to find a great stress buster and studies show sex in itself is a great sex buster. So all you need to do is find a reason to hit the bed.


Woman dealing with Stress

Stressing about the outcome:

Feeling stressed about reaching the orgasm further hinders your ability to orgasm, it can make you anxious, and you might take longer than usual.

Focus on the journey and not the destination, in your case try to enjoy the act and not the orgasm. You will ultimately reach there, but you don’t need to think about it.


Solution to sex performance pressure

Pressure to perform:

This is true for women that give more importance to their partner’s pleasure. The pressure to perform impacts the ability to orgasm.

Communicate! It is essential that you communicate well with your partner, this will ensure that you experience utmost comfort when you two indulge in the next sexual act. Ideally, it is the case with men, who are under a constant pressure to perform and pleasure women in bed.


Body Confidence

Body Confidence

If you don’t feel comfortable with your physique, then you may experience more conscious, which will complicate the situation even further.

To convince you, on how to be comfortable with your physique is difficult, but you need to understand that once you start to accept yourself of who you are, you will start being less self-conscious and reach the destination sooner.


Sexual Shame

Sexual Shame

A negative experience from the past can make you feel stressed and feel guilty, and this can also divert your mind away from the action.

Dealing with your sexual shame can be easy, you need to convince yourself that when the feeling arises, you should simply ignore it. Although, sometimes sexual shame runs deeper, and you’ll require to consult a licensed therapist or counselor to assist you to avoid it.


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Orgasm Assistance

It is a known fact that women take longer to orgasm than men and if men orgasm first, it is impossible for them to remain in action. So, women need further assistance to achieve orgasms.


Vibrators are women’s best friend, more than diamonds or less can be a question. Vibrators can help women experience lasting and intense orgasms. Women can also introduce vibrators in the bed and partners can together better their performance, satisfaction, and pleasure in the bed.

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